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Lithaway's Paragon Service

Lithaway's Paragon Service:

    My main focus is to help newcomers break over Lv. 50 Paragon on Diablo 3!

    Also helping out anyone trying to get to there first Lv. 100 Paragon character!

How To Request Help:

    Post your highest Paragon Lv. Character and the Timezone and the Time you will be on and most active to receive help here on this thread. This will help me sort out my invites to you all when not on my friends list.

    I'll do my best to fulfill requests on a "first come first serve basis"" while trying to have lower Lv. accounts take priority and prompt the next person in line as soon as a spot becomes available if game is full.

Monster Power:

    Monster Power will be determined by survivability and size of group to ensure maximum EXP/Per Minute.

    Feel free to use EXP gear as long as you can survive with it.

Route: Act 1

    Festering Woods
    Leoric's Manor
    Weeping Hallow
    Fields of Misery

I'll try my best to keep my own availability updated here on the 1st Post weekly:

Not much time for Paragon Runs this week, a lot more time next week tho!

You can also keep up to date with me daily on Twitter ----> LithawayD3@Twitter

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Nice system!

Try posting here also. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/7627092/
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1700-2200 GMT+9 Weekdays

Weekends, anytime

Thanks =)

Edited by Alex#12404 on 8/27/2013 10:06 PM PDT
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100 Worgen Death Knight
Posts: 1,045
I'm available any time between 1000-1700 EDT on weekends :)

Highest Paragon Character is my DH at lvl 42.


Thx a lot!
Edited by Luke#1119 on 8/29/2013 9:02 AM PDT
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@Nelly yes for sure, I will post links to this thread in other forums as well to get the word out just too tired atm and ready for bed lol.

Edited by Lithaway#1157 on 8/27/2013 9:31 PM PDT
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Timezone: EST
Time available: I'm available 24/7 for this.

Edited by Baked#2579 on 8/27/2013 10:41 AM PDT
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I'm on CST

Available 11am-4pm, and anytime after 9pm
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AEST here 18 paragon would love help I quit pretty much after clearing all content after release. I'm on most of the day but not really playing as I struggle so much to clear anything -.-.
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Usually available from 5pm or later Monay-Friday except today, have the day off, weekends just about anytime. Live in Arizona so my time doesn't change, just every where else. Btag is SnowPuma#1678, lmk.

Edited by SnowPuma#1678 on 8/27/2013 10:25 AM PDT
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GMT+8, for about 2 weeks, 9am to 3am, after that I'm not sure. Para 30 on barb, 21 on wiz; but wiz is loads faster than my barb. I'm not decided yet as to which char to level to 50/100...
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Add me! I have one p100 but now am working on a wiz, currently p10.

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18h00 - 24h00 EST

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Hey ill be on all day today i really want my barb to hit Pl100 Kingcody#1905 your help would be greatly appreciated
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I have only a monk at Paragon 5.

I'm currently leveling my wizard to 60 and will be grinding to P100.

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Great to see someone offering to help others out.

I'm available 1730-2200 CT Monday-Friday and pretty much anytime on weekends.

I plan to do something like this as well once I get to p100 or at least close to it with better gear.
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Would love to join just recently got back into playing d3 after the massive account hacking, sadly my account was one of them... so I finally decided to rebuy diablo 3 .

Anywho im available basically all day today and maybe tomorrow.

Level 60 barb at 11 paragon i believe would be a blast to play with people. Have only played/farmed solo - my friend power leveling me .

SlainAura #1618
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anytime after 11AM EST
BlazingFX #1470
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Great to hear from you all! So sadly Prime Time today for me will have to be after 5pmPDT

I will send out some invites then, can't wait to get started!

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anytime how much per level?
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08/27/2013 11:02 AMPosted by Danny
anytime how much per level?

This service is free of charge to anyone that doesn't have a Paragon Lv.100 character yet!
I will post Links to this thread on the other parts of forum to spread to word or if anyone has time feel free to do so. Off to work now.
Prime Time is after 5pm PDT today see as many of you as I can then.

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