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The Prime Assassins Clan! (>^^)>

Ill be joining :)
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I would be interested!
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Just registered my account. I'm very interested in joining!
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interested as well! i just requested an invite on the site.
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Clan thread message has been moved to community forum :( Please take a read if you haven't done so or as a reminder.

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Damn, it's Saturday already? Ok well it's almost time to stand by what was stated earlier. After consulting with the officers on and off during the past week to figure out the best way to go about this, we came up with a neat solution in which I think would be fair for everyone and make future recruiting a bit easier to organize. As of right now, I created a TPA community! This is something that was asked by some members since 2.0, however i didn't consider the option until I was able to figure out how it can benefit us and what we're trying to do. So what is a TPA community? Read on.

TPA community is a group of players that love the idea of hanging/playing with fellow prime assassins and making friends in the process. Since there's a lot of DH players (obviously) here, it's ideal for those wanting a mostly DH environment to be around, and honestly it's an environment in the current that's a lot of fun to be around. There's absolutely no requirements to be a part of the community, nor do you have to main a DH, so invite your friends, hop in game and slay countless demons at your fingertips together!


What's the difference between the TPA clan and the TPA community?

To put it bluntly, the clan will operate under it's intended philosophies and the community is a hang out for those that like what we do, but may not want to commit to being a Prime Assassin. All members of the clan will be required to join the TPA community. The community will receive all the benefits the clan does as possible. For instance, if there's a news posting in the clan, the same news will be posted on the community section, so that no one is missing out. The only things that will be exclusive to the clan will be the tag and future clan events (there will be community wide events as well :D).

What made you come up with this idea?

With the help of fellow officers and talking to members over the course of time, I felt like it was best to come up with a compromise. Due to the fact that the clan was feeling like a community as it grew to that stage, it kinda made sense to create the very thing that some DH's that are in the clan want. Previously before, if a DH player had a friend in the clan and wanted to play with them, they had to join the clan and abide by the philosophies. Because we have a lot of DH players, it's common for players to look for other DH players to play with and feed off of, and TPA has been really good for this, but it wasn't the initial focus for the clan. Making a TPA community provides and satisfies the needs of what a good number of current clan members are looking for, without the commitment and the freedom to join a different clan that may suit their values.

So, will "purging" of clan members still happen?

Well.... yes, but not before the TPA community is created. "Purging" atm when the TPA community is established, will feel like just the removal of the TPA tag, rather than feeling like one has been kicked out of the group completely. This was something I struggled with all week to figure out what's fair, and I think this is a great solution.

How does this effect future members and recruiting?

To be in the clan, a new prospect will have to join the community first. This will give us time to get to know those that want to be a Prime Assassin and have a better idea of whether or not the player "fits" before slapping on the tag. The complete process is still being worked out, but an easy way to look at it is each new prospect will have to "earn" the TPA tag. Same for members that were either removed, or chose to step out of the clan that may not have been ready to cross over to being a Prime Assassin quite yet. Think of it like a Fraternity in a sense. Earn your "letters" and wear it with pride!

If I choose to step down and just be part of the community and join another clan, will that be a problem?

Absolutely not. There's no hard feelings anywhere. In fact, once the community is open, I plan on adding a friend of mine that left the clan a few months back into the community as he's part of another clan, but loves hanging out with the TPA crowd, and I'd like for others to do the same!

Will there be a seperate leadership/officers for the TPA community?

In the meantime, I'll take over leadership for the TPA community. This may change in the future, but honestly I do not feel it needs to be managed and therefore no ranks will be established etc, at least that's the idea for now.

I will be updating this thread and putting this somewhere in the main section in on the first page at some point. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you all in game! (>^^)>
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Well.. I nominate myself as the " New PIMP " in the new " TPA Community " A.K.A. - The Pimpin Community " .. You can call me the PRIME PIMP !..

Hold up ! hold up .. you say?? why should BV head this venture as Head Pimp?..

Listen up, Yoh.. check this out.. First of all I am Black-aneze.... And I make Pimp decisions ALL DAY / EVERYDAY ! ..

You see. DiE and I go way.. way back.. Here's a Pimp story..

DiE was like.. you know that 200 dex / 100 vit Inna pants Karmakaze bought for 20 Bz. Well, Playah !.. I know you could have bought that.. Drop 20 Bz All day / everyday .. no problem. And it would give you maybe 5k dps upgrade..

Now look here PimP.. it's time to make a PimP decision. If you buy my old Inna pants, my old inna belt and my old Calamity.. for only 2 Bz.. not 20 Bz .. you will get at least 100k dps upgrade. And you will have enough gold left over to PayLess and buy them shoes that light as you Stutter Step .. Man.. you will be PimPin... .

Now list up.. I don't do this for just anybody.. only people who are the in-crowd.. know what I mean?? So let's you PimP/d up !!!

Hel'Yeah ! son.. I been making PimP decisions ever since.. . Yoh !!! ..

All votes and nominations are greatly appreciated... !
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Community is a really good idea Die.
Its where I belong :D

Let's get the community going, be sure to join chat guys so we can talk, unfortunately it's not an automatic join.
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can i rejoin? tq, used to be TPA's member but i left TPA cuz my IRL friends creating a new guild and ask me to join.. but my heart always in love with TPA XD
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I sent you a friend request. We'll talk in game.
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Im brazilian player and not hu3hu3, haha

Can i join?

my tag is: GuiGap#1587

Oh... I also reg. in theprimeassassins.com w8ing for approval
Edited by GuiGap#1587 on 7/8/2014 8:44 AM PDT
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07/08/2014 08:42 AMPosted by GuiGap
Im brazilian player and not hu3hu3, haha

Can i join?

my tag is: GuiGap#1587

Oh... I also reg. in theprimeassassins.com w8ing for approval

Welcome, friend. As soon as I get home from work I add you to my friends list and we'll go from there.
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i mainly play DH (T6 rifts)
can i join ?

i also reg in theprimeassassins.com.
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I'd be curious about coming back into the fold if possible.
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Dear RedCell,

Been a huge fan of you guys and have been talking with DiE about TPA a lot. I play at weird times and I've switch to mainly playing HC now as SC is #M6 boring but if that isn't an issue, I'd love to join you.

Btw, absolutely loved your Archer build. Been running a physical version of something similar in HC and loving it.

Please add me in game Rishana#1610
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I'll add the three of you this evening and we'll go from there. I'll try to be on between 7:00 and 9:30 pm PDT.
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i wanna join the TPA community but can't find it in the community search. invite pls breezy#1531 tnx
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I was a member for over a year, and they are all great people. For the full experience, I recommend to join the Teamspeak.
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Irish DH here, I just signed up to the website. Requesting an invite! :]
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