Diablo® III

CM Wizard gear check!

I was wondering if anyone can provide any advice on what I can improve on my wizard. I'm a bit lost on where to go and I would greatly appreciate any help or advice that any of you can provide. :)


Thank you again for any help!
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Your life is low.

You should work on reaching 2.73 APS. You should not need IAS on any additional item slots. Upgrade some <9% IAS items to 9% and your wand to 1.63 or 1.64.

You don't need APoC on your off-hand. Buy one with vit and 9% IAS.
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HP low - Get some 200+ VIT + AR pants instead of INT + sockets.

Resistance low - AR pants + AR lacunis instead of 15AR, will set you in the right direction.

Your missing break point - Get a better wand. At 1.62 you'll need 70% attack speed so your 6% shy right now. At 1.65 you'll only need 66% so your off by 2% which can be made up a bit easier....

Also, it seems you went for DPS over some key stats like HP and resistance.

If you want some serious DPS invest in your Force, that is all it does. DPS. So get max DPS on that and not skimp out on other stats on your other gear. As mentioned, you don't need APOC force, so get a boss 300+ INT high dmg one.
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agreed on the 1.65 wand - with enchantress i think you can make 2.73bp :)

with the lacuni i actually think that armor lacuni would be a better option - you can get a much higher armor lacuni for the price and if your looking at below 50ar lacunis the armor rolls will typically beat it out i think. You could go armor vit but as they are a dps option i would look for armor int ones.

I think the ice climbers could do with a bit of an upgrade, you should be abel to find nice high rolled int vit ones. and with the bt pants i would go ar armor versions 400+loh.

next thing might be your loh - its' looking low, so potentially go for a 400+loh sc along with the bt 400+loh pants should bring you close to the 900loh mark. By moving the ar and armor to the bt pants and lacuni you can potentially switch out the litany for a ias cc cd loh ring which would be great for your sustain.

i would look into finding 9ias versions of the rings you currently have (probably switch out the litany for a rare ring similar to one i mentioned) because with 2 9ias rings and a 1.65 wand i think you will be at the 2.73bp without the enchantress - so it will bea good place to be for team games and for your loh sustain.
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Wow! Thank you all so much! I never expected such detailed responses so fast!

I'll admit I focused heavily on DPS as my friends had much lower dps than I and wanted to farm with me.
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