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Please Audit My Gear

Do some of you guys care to take a look at my barb and critique his gear? I typically run the standard Skorn WW setup (my current skills are for ubers).

Things I know I need:
- at least 8% more ias
- about 70-80 more AR (nonexistent on shoulders and pants)
- always more cc

I'm on about a 90 mil budget currently, so if I need to start saving to get some of your upgrades that's fine (just please don't tell me to get a 500 mil piece).

Other notes - I really like using my SoJ since it has cold damage and a pretty good bonus to elites, so if I can avoid swapping that I would like to keep it in the mix. My opinion is that I need to focus on getting a pair of tri gloves (either on AH or crafted), the only problem is I need the AR on that slot, unless I replace my shoulders or pants.

So if you can please give me a priority list of replacement, I would really appreciate it. Thanks guys!
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You seem to have a good grasp on what you need already. My advice is to keep crafting Vitality shoulders until you get a pair with good All Resist and Strength. This will allow you to drop the AR on your gloves, and buy/craft a pair with higher CC and IAS. Getting some AR on your pants might also be a good idea, but the most important thing is to get to 1.42 attacks per second ASAP. This will bring you to the next breakpoint, assuming WotB is active, and you'll notice a big difference in your Fury generation and WotB upkeep.

Remember, if you're stuck on what to upgrade, tiering up your gems (especially the Emerald in your weapon) is always a safe bet.

In terms of your other gear, I'm a little puzzled as to why you're using a cold SoJ. Skorn users don't usually need the cold snare effect, because their attacks don't have a chance to fear enemies. If you didn't limit yourself to cold SoJs, you could probably find one with higher Bonus vs. Elites and a skill bonus you could actually use, like Whirlwind Crit Chance or -HotA cost (although the latter is pretty expensive).

You also might want to check out Aleas' guide on achieving permawrath while using a Skorn. There's an old version of it in the stickies, but I'm going to link the second version which I edited, because I'm a shameless self-promoter:


Hope that helps!
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Thanks WordMaster!

About the cold SoJ, to be honest, I already have it, and got it fairly cheap imo (8 mil). And right now I kind of like the cold effect on the mobs, becuase I typically play with some friends, a CM mage who has great gear, but the other 3 or 4 are subpar so I typically carry them on mp6-7, so I like to slow the mobs so they can't run out and thump my buddies. When I was shopping for SoJ, I did focus on cold and the WW crits seemed pretty expensive (80-300 mil depending on the extra cold damage and BvE damage), so I went with this Bash one.

What is considered good on a SoJ BvE damage? Is +30 a must (I know each point really is noticeable)?

Just to give you an idea of what I run now, I go on mp7-8 solo and mp8 if me and the CM mage. The mage and I carried two friends on mp8 ubers last night without much difficulty. Does that sound about right too?

Thanks again for the help, I just came back after not playing much for a couple months. The guys I play with are in my guild in WoW, and they wanted to get back in again. So, glad to be back and glad to have some friends to with (so much fun than soloing and random grouping).
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Hey mate

Firstly, well done over all your gear is looking pretty good, as is your goals to aim for.

Secondly, I want your Amulet. Very Jelly,

Thirdly, was going to suggest you craft another Vit shoulders as you dont have res all on them, then noticed the 300 vit and 12% Life. Disregard my last transmission and proceed to WH for on-sell and Res all stat (instead of vit).

Other than that Id recommend crafting bigger Rubys. No doubt others will disagree with this statement, but I believe if you have the cash, craft up as Ruby's retain their value quite well and I think will boom in price leading up to the expansion and during its release. I belive a large amount of players will want to play the new strength class so they will be in demand.

I see you have a vit gem in your chest armour, Im not going to tell you to replace it as I think I know why its there, very smart and a great idea, I whish I had of thought about that when I was leveling up/crafting up.

Before I forget, you mentioned you have been away a while, to compensate for the loss of vit on the WH, consider upgrading your IK chest armour to one with more vit. These have come down a lot recently, I noticed ones with 130 STR and over 200 Vit were 30 mil today, Im sure you could afford something better again.

Lastly, great skorn, esp with life steal, but as you no doubt know its a bit light on CD, so if the cash/gold/opportunity arises, upgrade that bad boy.

Good luck
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Thanks CC. On the ammy - it was my first crafted ammy when I got back (almost crapped myself). If you makes you feel better, I've probably crafted 75-100 gloves and haven't gotten any that have 2 of the trifecta, so...

I probably should replace the vit gem in the IK chest, just because when I got the IK chest, I was still hovering around 50k health, now I think I have enough health to give that up, so I'll do that, thanks for pointing that out.

Nice idea on the WH, I will probably make that the priority once I can find 8% more ias to get more AR.

I agree with your comments on the skorn, that one was the right price with the right dps and LS (if I remember correctly less than 5 mil). From shopping on the AH, looks like I will need over 200 mil and probably close to 300 mil to get a 5.5% LS, 180 CD with about 50 more points of dps, but I keep looking for a deal.
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