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Nat set vs zuni red or green gem CM

Q1. nat or zuni for dps edps and paper dps
Q2. Red gem for cm or green?
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1) I think generally the zuni set will give you more dps, but the nat set will provide a higher crit chance which can be more useful to a CM wiz than a bit more dps. The zuni set will provide a good bit more INT than nat's because the highest in you can get on nat's boots is 100 while you can get 200 on zuni boots. Then there's the INT bonus for a 2 piece zuni set.

One other thing to keep in mind with the zuni set is that if you want both crit chance and attack speed on your ring, you're going to need to buy a trifecta ring which will cost a good bit. Whereas you can get a nat ring with crit chance and attack speed for less (but it won't have crit damage unless you spring for a trifecta).

2) For me an emerald gives more dps, and I've seen most cm wiz still using emeralds. Just use a calculator like d3up.com to see what gives more dps for your build.
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1) Zuni combo only if you have the recommended CC without Nat's combo. I vaguely remember that number being around 53CC? At that point, the DPS you get from more Int and 7-8% Poison damage from Zuni boots outshines Nat's 7CC bonus.

2) The higher CC you have, the better it is to use a green since you get crit more often. Reds for low CC builds.. which means CM builds should almost always use greens. I think Archon is the exception.
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Both combos FTW.
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Thanks guys great info!~
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nat gives a higher multiplier in general for edps
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nats with green gem

zuni with red gem

or both sets with both gems lol... well at least when a double socketeed wand becomes available to us.
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