Diablo® III

Upgraded my Barb.. still dying..

what am i doing wrong?

i upgraded some parts according to help from this thread - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9793089642

but im trying to do MP10, and i get 1 hitted..


little help
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your life and armor are WAY to low

definatly want to look into some new sholders with more armor, eighter craft some or pick up a decent pair of vile wards str ones are rather cheap( if you craft some use the vitality plan str can already roll 200+ on sholders so use that to your advantage and get a higher vit roll)

craft you some bracers, getting the vit and armor and possibly extra dps from those would greatly outweigh the movement speed/attack speed from lacunis

get some ik gloves with attack speed/200+ str will give you more resis with the ik set bonus

get a 1100 damage or so OS EF that is definatly a lot better than the sword you are currently using, also using a mace/axe in your main hand is a big advantage for the cc bonus
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Hmmm...that's very interesting. I have similar stats to you and the only thing I really die to is mp10 uber Magda

I would try to look for lower str but at least 50vit on the Mempo and ICs, which should bump you to 50k HP

You can also try using warcry-impunity instead of overpower if that helps
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Hey Bigfoot, your life is minimum if you can get good life steal going but will take a beating by things like savage beasts or combined damage will rip you down for mobs like the red zombies in act 2 desolate sands. It starts to get better around 50k and up for life. The other thing you can try and do since you are running a WW build is get up to 700 LoH. Life steal is good for big damage but WW does a lot of small hits that doesn't add up for a lot of life steal. I combined LS + LoH on mine but noticed the biggest difference just adding LoH for survival. Also, use rend bloodlust or lacerate istead of overpower unless you have a crit chance issue. Rend pulls a lot of life and helps to tank better.

EDIT: Just noticed too that you have a sword in primary hand. Adding an axe will give you 10 cc more from the passive. If running 12% movement I think I remember taking hits a little more at first but fixed that with Rend. Been a while since I was having challenges like that.
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I think you could use more life steal. Get it on your weapon or belt so bloodthrist can be swapped for brawler. I think life steal is reduced by 80% in inferno. Given your current stats try MP6-7.
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Yes, yes. Life steal... definitely need more life steal.

I personally think rend is waaaaayyyyy more better than overpower for a life steal skill, especially with a good damage of course.
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you should look for litany of undaunted rings, with STR and 300+ LIFE ON HIT on the auction house

they are cheap and well worth it. you gonna rock mp10 with easy
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You need more ehp if you want to go the skorn route.

I basically never die but then again my aps is over 3.
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you should look for litany of undaunted rings, with STR and 300+ LIFE ON HIT on the auction house

they are cheap and well worth it. you gonna rock mp10 with easy

This guy's a tool. Don't listen to him.

Quick solution: Just switch to rend-bloodlust. That should solve your problem.
Your hp, AR, armor, APS, all good.

Long term solution: You need to regear. I'd use IK belt instead of WH and switch bloodthirst to brawler. You'd also need to get lacuni and/or Inna's to make up for the WH attack speed as you want at least 42%. Litany of the undaunted with 8-9% IAS helps a ton. Get more vit on boots and chest so you can get more offensive gear elsewhere.
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