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Improve my Barb - Gear recommendations

Don't hold back! Tell me where I can improve my barb.

I will say that I do plan to switch to dual wielding at some point.

Thanks for your help.
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Thanks for the feedback. I will absolutely look into it. I just started playing again 3 days ago and just hit 60 in the timeframe (so yea A LOT is "off").

I appreciate the assistance.
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HI mate.

A couple of recommendations based on a lower budget approach.

When looking at new gear make your focus more AR and Vit (550 plus AR and 50-60k Vit is a good aim). Get a high STR mempo (dont worry about CC unless you can afford it), major benefits will be 70-80 AR gain and 10-12% life plus socket (which come standard on Mempo's), so very quickly there is 17-20% gain in your life pool after you stick an amethyst into your helm. If your concerned about CC, look into an IK helm, drawback is AR, they get a bit expensive as AR does not come standard, nor do they roll AS.

Start looking for IK chest pieces with at least 200 vit plus and the STR you can afford along with it. Just over 100 STR is fine and cheapish.

See where your life is after those two adjustments, and if you need more, innas pants do go up to 200 vit (8% AS is much cheaper than 9%).

I usually recommend to players to ditch the HF ring if it means a SOJ (Stone of Jordan) which may get you another MP level or two as you will get more exp/GF and legendaries as a result of farming a higher MP level. Also, Ive helped a few players that tend to hit the MP8 wall due to not stacking any gear designed to melt elites more quickly. So Id look into a SOJ (at least 28% elite bonus damage) and ammie with STR, 8-10%CC and over 50% CD. Dont worry about Vit or AS on it, they are very expensive.

Your gloves are ok for the moment, If you cant get an IK belt with more life, then try to get more STR as IK belts can roll up to 300 STR. Ones around the 200 STR mark tend to be affordable.

Barbs usually recommend other Barbs to craft VIT shoulders as we are the only class that can roll up to (and in some lucky cases slightly over) 300 for both STR and VIT. You cant roll over 200 vit on crafted STR shoulders. I know the ones you have are nice, but trust us, VIT shoulders are the bomb and VIT always becomes a concern as you improve your DPS. Im wearing an ok VIT set of shoulders I recently crafted (277 VIT), these got me nearly 7k life over my old ones (which had 49 VIT and 12% life).

Lastly, if you are still having resist all/survivability problems, have a look at this set ring. Look for a Strength one, and they all come standard with AR and Elite damage reduction.


Just edited this post as I see Planet has already given some good tips while I was typing this up and getting distracted with our puppy.

Cheers and good luck.
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Thanks for the excellent recommendations CC. As gold starts to roll in I will absolutely make these improvements.
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