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help with cm wiz

how much crit dmg should a cm wiz have? tell me which gear to upgrade :D
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Crit damage is an arbitrary number. The higher, the better.
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to reach 300k what gear do u recommand?
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A CM Wiz can never have enough CC :p

55.5CC without the Nat's ring/boots combo is very strong. You've specced heavy on CC which is good. You are currently on 2.312APS which just makes that breakpoint. Did you plan on moving to the next breakpoint (2.51APS)? If you are looking at staying at 2.31, I'd go for even more CC.. some say at the 2.73APS breakpoint, 55CC is the minimum... I'm at 2.73/53 with Nat's combo, which is fine for me. Making the 2.51APS breakpoint is doable, but any change will be expensive if you wanna keep your DPS.

Getting a trifecta Zuni Pox and/or Tal's amulet whilst keeping your DPS will be $$. Another route is to get a Tal's chest (inherent 9IAS) with similar stats to your Marrow. Again, all $$.

Lastly, you shouldn't need Astral Presence as a CM/WW wizard. Replace with Blur for more armor (which you sorta lack) or Evocation to help make up for lower attack speed.
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ewe......your chasing sheet dps :> get rid of that prismatic armor :>
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300K dps with Cm wiz is a bit tough unless you have really deep wallet to go trifecta or even quadfecta rings and quadfecta amulet with high stats.
Usually it comes down to a problem with CD since we can only wield 1 weapon and usually for CM wiz it will be Chantodo Wand (CD random stat)

I think Nat boot + ring is a good combo because of the CC set bonus and nat boots have good mitigation.

No CC Mempo ? Best mix of ehp + dps helm in my opinion.

Going to 2.74 breakpoint is kind of a hotly debated issue.
For players in the US with super low latency I think they do well with 2.51, however for players outside of the US using US server usual latency is 250ms++ so we have to go to 2.74 breakpoint for to freeze reasonably. (I only use wiz for ubers .... )
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Your aps is low. You should get 2.50 or 2.73, you have 2.312.
Your mit is low. You should get around 89%, you have 85.9%.

The problem is that you are after dps without having the main core stats. Straight 300k dps is easy, but you need to have a solid foundation of freeze and defense first, then dps. MrDuMa made some good suggestions: maybe ias + loh ammy, tal chest? The extra mit will allow you to use shocking aspect, which will help you a lot more than sheet dps. The other option is the sword route (like me), since you already have a good amount of health to make it work.
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