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PROBLEM: A couple minor Monk control Issues

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Hey All,

I am not a super hardcore Diablo 3-er though I have started to get back into it with all the patches and things. I love the direction things are going and hope Reaper of Souls continues in this trend (as it seems promised to). My main character is a Monk and when playing Inferno I find there's a couple of abilities that throw me off a bit so I will just go over them briefly and hopefully this will be helpful to Blizzard.

1.) Dashing Strike:
Problem: When this ability is used without a target you only move about 3 steps forward. This is frustrating but OK. Or would be except in intense monster battles your mouse doesn't always land EXACTLY on a target when you pop that Dashing Strike so instead of moving out of a troublesome situation you do that 3 step shuffle and find yourself still sitting in the !@#$.

Solution: Either a more generous targeting algorithm for the ability where it will use as target a monster within so many units from your mouse cursor if none is directly targeted. Alternately, it could lose the target requirement and just move to the mouse cursor when used, but perhaps there is a reasoning for this not to be the case to begin with (like Leap and Teleport which don't require a target to move max distance).

2.) Lashing Tail Kick - Hand of Ytar Rune:
Problem: This ability appears to be a simple point target cast like Hydra or Meteor. However, when it is cast it seems to be treated like a projectile. What this means is that if there's a little doodad you can't walk through in the pathway of the cast it will get caught on that doodad and instead of hitting your target your 40 spirit goes to waste slapping the corner of some edge you were barely in line with.

Solution: Simple and straightforward, make it a true point target cast that ignores doodads/terrain. Again, there may be a reason for this to not be that way, but I find myself not wanting to use this rune because of this unpredictability.

Anyway, I know it's easier for me to say "SOLVE IT LIKE THIS" than the solutions actually are to code. And perhaps Blizzard disagrees with my assessments of these things as problems but I find them frustrating to my gaming experience and so I figured I'd write this up just in case it hasn't made it to the Development Team's pile of issues.

Thanks for reading and happy hunting!
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Hello there Decpticats!

I am glad you are regaining interest in D3 and providing constructive criticism!

This is a problem as old as monkdom itself.
There has been a LOT of talk about DS and its "short hop" with no target effect and the general conclusion is: While it would be very nice to move max distance with no target, it would be a bit overpowered.

The reason leap and teleport do not have this restriction is because they have a cooldown.
If monks could DS around, a max IAS monk would essentially have D2 teleport and that was a function the specifically tried to avoid putting into D3 because it was prohibitive to class choice.

As for the specific problem of in-combat miss-clicking... I do not share your frustration. I am not sure if it stems from hundreds of hours of DS practice or a "less-lag" type thing but when I click anywhere remotely near a target, DS will fly to that target.

This will happen to the point that I actually WANT the short hop and accidentally fly to an inanimate object sometimes.

I have tested the limits of this auto-targeting function in PvP and found it is pretty darn generous.

tl;dr -- I believe DS is in a very good place from a mechanics perspective for balance, skill and enjoyment and I would be very hesitant to change anything about the base function of the skill.

On the complete flip-side, I could not agree with you more about HoY.
My initial PvP build was a LTK:HoY setup because I played a Fist of Heavens Pally in D2.
However, I quickly figured out that HoY basically NEVER hits your target because blades of grass block it. :P

I would like to see this become a LoS required skill instead of a direct-path required skill.
There is no reason that I shouldn't be able to shoot at something I can see with my RANGED skill!

This is just frustrating ... like LTK wasn't already bad enough ... needed more reasons not to use it I guess.

(You know what doesn't have this problem? Bells ... they go through walls for heaven's sake!)

-Druin, the happy monk
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Great response! I am quite familiar with D2 and D1 teleport spam and so I take your point that that level of mobility can trivialize content. I do think it could stand to be a little more generous but perhaps as you suggest it is lag on my part.

Here's to hoping they take notice of Hand of Ytar!
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Blizzard could scale the DS cost to the distance traveled. Solves one problem but introduces another.
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