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RoS Needs to Do for D3 What LoD Did for D2

Those who like to do the "D2>D3" comparison often take into account how diablo 3 is now and how Diablo 2 was after the Lord of Destruction Expansion. D2 was a great game in and of itself, but LoD made it the game we all loved to be addicted to. For those who don't know/remember, the various features LoD brought with it are listed below:

  • TWO Classes (Assassin and Druid)
  • 1 New Act
  • Rune Words
  • Charms
  • Jewells
  • Uber Bosses (Patched in Later)
  • Ethereal Items
  • The addition of rune words and charms allowed for a wealth of new items and combinations to be explored, as well as effectively establishing a -somewhat- functioning economy. (For those who don't know, gold was relatively useless in D2, so often items were traded for a certain number of HR's or "high runes".) The huge jump in gameplay from D2 to LoD was so substantial that almost everyone felt the need to buy it.

    However, I current features announced for RoS have left me slightly underwhelmed. I simply don't feel the same need to pay $40 for it. To be fair, let's look at the proposed features for RoS as they currently stand:
  • ONE new Class
  • 1 New Act
  • Loot 2.0
  • Paragon Level Revamp
  • Nephalem Trials
  • Loot Runs
  • Level Cap Raised to 70
  • New Artisan: Mystic
  • While RoS may seem to add more on paper, there simply just isn't a big enough leap from D3 in its current state. Most of the above is a simple restructuring of already existing features and can easily be added via patch. The new Crusader class seems too much like a Barbarian/Monk hybrid. It simply doesn't feel unique enough to have me itching to play it. Loot runs and nephalem trials are a nice addition to make for a better endgame, but it's hard for me to be motivated to grind out runs just for the hope of getting an extra 3 dexterity on my belt.

    To really motivate me to go out and buy the next expansion, I think at least one more unique class should be added.
    I would really like to see some sort of Rune Words-esque system put in place, though it would probably need to be called something else to avoid confusion for the already existing Rune system.
    Charms and Relics would also be nice, but measures need to be taken so that they don't take up so much inventory space, whatever happened to the proposed "Talisman" idea?
    The mystic could be more useful by somehow integrating the talisman/runeword features into her.
    I also really want to see massive amount of items added in the form of sets/legendaries/class-specific items, and have better use for uniques and rares.

    TL;DR: Make RoS blow people away the way LoD did. The best way to do this would be to add another class, runewords, and charms.
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    There's more expansions coming...
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    No need to add one more class, but they seriously should add Charms and Runewords.
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    08/27/2013 09:56 AMPosted by Middy
    There's more expansions coming...

    Has that been confirmed?
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    08/27/2013 10:10 AMPosted by Crizaig
    There's more expansions coming...

    Has that been confirmed?

    guess you haven't played wow....... they love releasing xpacs... lol
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