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What am I doing wrong?

Sorry for another of these "help me!" threads, but I'm really really stuck as to what I'm doing wrong.

My build: http://d3up.com/b/997129/wuff

Unbuffed dps: 142k, fully buffed dps 193k.
Unbuffed eHP: 241k, fully buffed eHP: 439k.

At MP5, I usually have to put on UA because I die to elite mobs with coincidentally horrible affixes. At MP4, I usually need UA as well, just that I don't die that frequently (about twice/run).

Is the fully buffed dps and eHP sufficient to run MP5 effectively, in your experience? (With IA, of course) I find that elite mobs suck up big big amounts of time, like 20+ seconds per elite pack. In addition, I frequently die from RD and electrified packs, as well as big tanky elite packs (Colossal Golgor elite w/ Extra Health, anyone?)

For upgrades, should I trade eHP for more dps, and hence more sustain? I think the main issue is that my LS isn't spectacular, nor is my dps, therefore I have problems sustaining myself when battling mobs for 10+secs.
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oops, sorry didn't see that you are Archon.

AR then
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You named most of it. Use blood magic if you're having trouble with LS. Use pinpoint or prismatic if mit issues. I see your missing a glove and using a ruby in helm. Trade the ruby for an amethyst and you should be fine
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Your HP is a bit low for Archon. EHP is oft overlooked in favor of DPS but as the MP level rises it becomes more important, then a little less important as DPS increases. Archon is very stand and deliver, you really do not want to be kiting as you need to be doing damage to stay alive. Your gear looks ok for MP5 but I would really try and get more VIT. Your main hand weapon is also slow for a Hybrid Archon build. It wont do well until you get up to around 2 attacks per second. Try Blood Magic for Magic Weapon, Blur for passive (dump Temporal Flux) and I notice that you aren't setup for Cold Blooded. Your Scoundrel: do not select from the first tier of Scoundrel abilities, this will cause him to Multi-shot more and you need to equip him with a Buriza-Do Kyanon (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/burizado-kyanon) to chill your targets to make use of Cold Blooded. Otherwise select another ability as Shock Pulse; Living Lightning and Frost Nova; Deep Freeze (in conjunction with Critical Mass) are really only for getting the cooldown on Archon reset as fast as possible, not for doing damage of any real magnitude. Replace Storm Armor with Energy Armor and try out Force Armor, Prismatic Armor or Pinpoint Barrier until you find the one that you are comfortable with. You also need to be running Archon; Improved Archon. Best of Luck :D
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Thanks guys for the input, I'm currently running builds with different runes to test them out.

@Berserkism, thanks for the breakdown of the skills! I like to keep CM and FN/DF on there because sometimes if I activate Archon when the very first pack of mobs I encounter are elites, I'll need to reset the cooldown pretty quick. Normally, I need almost a full 15 seconds to kill an elite pack. I'm trying out different combinations of Prismatic Armor, Pinpoint Barrier, Blood Magic as well as Force Weapon, and for the moment it seems like stacking PB+FW, but going Blur instead of Temporal Flux helps my tDPS quite a bit. I don't die as much, as long as I'm hitting at least 1 mob. Thanks again for the help!
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Generally speaking, you shouldn't need more than either Blood Magic or a LS weapon. If you find you have to use both you're definitely lacking in some gear.

I agree with Berzerkerism on the Vit. Your mitigation is fine, you could afford to lose some even, but you need more HP. Aim for 40-45k, and 50-55k by the time you hit MP10. Get some on your Mempo, and while you're at it, improve that Amethyst by at least 1 rank. Boots and Triumvirate can both roll better Vit too. Craft some bracers, they outperform Lacunis in every way for Archons. I disagree that attack speed is something worth focusing on. Sure, it's nice to have, and it'll boost your damage, but you should really look to avoid spending any time outside of Archon at all.

That said, your weapon would probably be better with LS/CD/socket than with LS/Int/socket. If you're replacing it anyway, look for something with higher attack speed. I prefer using a wand, because they tend to be a bit cheaper than swords and have the same attack speed.

Consider getting rid of the SoJ. You gain a some damage against elite packs by using it, but you lose a lot against white trash, which is what you get most of your XP from. A standard rare will help. If you have trouble with elite packs, a better strategy is probably to bring them with you to a nearby white group.
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Wow there's a lot rolling CM wizzies these days..how come no see in pub games?! :( Mah barb needs a good freezer chop chop!

I'm not very helpful these days...too old :(
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I find that gearing for the most difficult packs possible makes life a whole lot easier. Make sure you can stay alive first. If that requires BM and LS weapon so be it. I use both about 99% of the time, so when I stand in stacked plagued, desecrator, arcane and reflect, I don't have to move.

Lose the soj for a dps rare ring. Dump the ruby for amethyst, as big as you can afford and switch force weapon to blood magic. The lower your dps, the more LS you need, not less.
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@mzy, wouldn't dumping the lacuni's impact my movespeed? I'm currently getting my ms% from lacunis and my boots. Should I go inna's temperance instead of BT pants?

I got my weapon for a pittance, insofar I haven't found a weapon that would be a decent upgrade, even searching for buyouts 10x what I paid. I'm keeping an eye on the AH, but I don't have that much money to use.

My understanding is that anything that improves sheet DPS improves Archon damage output, no? That's mainly why I got attack speed% + CC instead of CD + CC, I found that on a budget, they gave me a bigger increase in sheet DPS. If Archon's beam doesn't derive its damage from the sheet DPS, then getting CD+CC would make more sense.

@mzy and Moridin, I swap the SoJ around with a DPS rare ring when I'm running around. If I run into a pack that looks like trouble, I switch it over and kill that elite pack and switch it back again. Luring them into groups of whites sounds like a good idea; I'll try that when I run next time.

@MasterJay, in competing for off-topic-ness, early congratulations on getting your 1,000,000th kill! Here's me saying congrats: http://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ
You'll never be too old!

Guys, thanks for the comments so far! I'll work on the changes first time when I wake up tomorrow!
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Okay, I ended up making some changes anyway before I go to sleep.
Here's my wizard at the moment:

There will be several discrepancies with the character shown in the Armory, skill updates don't match those I use in-game.
Fully buffed: 188kDPS (without Cold Blooded), 545k eHP.

Edit: stats show that if I trade mitigation for damage by using Cold Blooded instead of Blur, my DPS goes up to 211k buffed, but eHP drops to 495k. I'll have to do some experimenting tomorrow to see which fits me better!
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