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Barb seeking advice

I just moved this thread from the general discussion forum (I didn't want to clutter it!). Sorry if you are seeing this posting twice.

Can someone please give me advice? I cannot seem to raise my barb's DPS to anything close to 150k much less go higher to 200k.

Here the situation; I need to do it cheaply. I love playing D3 but other commitments (family,work) do not leave me with much time to do any farming runs. I feel a lot of my issue is about the gear but I am not sure which changes would give me the most bang for my buck. So if anyone would be kind enough to share any suggestions, I would truly appreciate it! Thanks!

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Try using a skorn lol
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Lol. Look at my barb and see how much better you are off.
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There's only so much you can do with a limited amount of gold. The way you break out of different tiers for all classes is to change 1 or 2 items, which causes changes in the rest of your gear, but the combinations of all of the new items make up for something greater than what you had before.

For one, you can craft better bracers for sure.

It wouldn't hurt to upgrade to a skorn. If you can afford a good lifesteal one, get it.

I would get rid of litany of the undaunted, as this a dps item slot and you're not getting much dps out of it. Don't be afriad to get rare rings. Prefer attack speed and crit hit chance over critical hit damage on both rings. Get trifecta if you can, but going with attack speed and crit with average damage, your main stat, etc. will serve you well and much cheaper.

Your pants need more vitality. This is one of the few huge sources of ehp for all characters. so it's better to get vitality here than massive strength.

Your gloves are also a dps slot, yet you don't have tri-fecta. If you cannot afford good IK gloves, then craft them. You really don't need the 3-piece bonus for IK. It's okay if you don't have to struggle to keep it, but the bonuses on gloves are better. While it's nice to accidentally get things like all resists, pickup radius, armor and all resists on gloves, those are not your priorities. You want to meet your dps requirements first, because those modifiers on other items are harder to get. Leave your vitality to your chest and pants, as you can get much bigger rolls there for cheaper gold price, and it'll compensate for not having it on your gloves.

You can craft a better amulet. Your going for average damage, primary stat, vit and trifecta. Obviously any 4 at high values is going to be much better than your current amulet. After about 80 crafts, you're bound to get a better one. Don't give up until you craft 150 of them. Either way, it'll be much cheaper than buying from the AH, so craft them.

I would avoid witching hour for now, mostly because you need as much life steal as you can get. Once you get a kick !@# skorn with life steal, then you should get the witching hour. Otherwise, you'll actually perform worse, not better, regardless of what your dps says.

Just my suggestions.
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Scala, thank you for the thoughtful advice! Going to try some of your suggestions out, especially the crafting piece. I never really thought of it but you are right, I could craft 150 amulets for cheaper than buying.
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Yep, Skorn is one cheap and instant way to make a good barb. Dual wielding is pretty expensive.

And yes, need more life, need more vit.
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A switch to Inna's Pants and Ice Climbers should help overall and replace the 12% movement speed
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Whats your budget?

Looks like you want to run a WW build. Get a new MH wep, 1050+ dps mace/axe, cd, str, OS.
You ideally want 4 slots of IAS (8-9% depending), and a .23(absolute minimum)+ APS EF, so you can hit the 2.5 BP with both hands. On the EF, get LS/OS, DPS doesnt matter much.

For IAS slots, I would get 150+ vit Inna pants, lacuni bracers with CC/AR and a new pair of gloves with IAS/CC (crafted gloves would be awesome)

IAS values as follows: * "EF" = Echoing fury, a +.23APS EF is 1.43 APS*

1.43 EF – 35 points of IAS (4 slots of IAS, 9,9,9,8)
1.44 EF – 34 points of IAS (4 slots of IAS 9,9,8,8)
1.45 EF – 33 points of IAS (4 slots of IAS 9,8,8,8)

Any less APS EF requires an extra slot of IAS and will hamper your build.

200+ vit IK chest

190+str/125+vit non MS ice climbers.

225+str, 50ish+ vit IK belt

All armor gems to red gems.

You are shooting for 45k+ life (more the better) and 550ish AR.

A non barb cold soj with 28%+ Elite bonus (far essence farming, key farming, ubers) Replace one of your rings with that when running elites.

Swap out Warcry to Overpower/killing spree. And since you got an LS weapon, ditch bloodthirst for either brawler/zerk rage (for DPS) or superstition (for survive-ability)
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