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Coming back into it

So... Where do i go from here?

Im fine with playing CM or Archon, but gears/skill choices, any advice?
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I would suggest gearing for archon as from what I see thats what you're going for. If you wanna go CM, get chantodos set, drop glass cannon for cold blooded, Use storm armor shocking aspect, get more crit chance. Start stacking more defensive stats like AR, armor and Vit. You could get a cheap AR tals for a start. If you want to go archon, drop the blackthorne's pants and get LS on your weapon. Also see Jaetch's guide for archon. Dunno the link. :P GL
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Piehole's CM guide if you want to go CM: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8728753771
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Here's the link to Jaetch's updated archon guide:
From looking at your profile, you look okay for starting out. You could probably farm MP4-6 with your current gear. Don't drop the bt pants if you are keeping the Lacuni Prowlers. Having Lacunis and Inna's pants is redundant and costs you a ton of ehp. If you go with archon, I'd get a decent lifesteal sword, or echoing fury, depending on your budget, with an open socket first. How much do you have to spend?
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I've got about 20 mil to spend
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Check out my guide that darcfeonix linked. At the end there is an example of a 100M build. You can use that as a template for what direction to go in when starting out. Just scale INT and AR and armor back until you get items that are affordable. Since AR and armor are expensive, try to find a mixture of single resistances on your items- if you get three of four of them (fire, lightning, physical, poison) it'll pretty much act like AR. Just don't skimp on AS and CC!!! You want to stay at ~50CC and 2.73 attack speed (or at least 2.5 for starters). Be patient with BIDS and avoid BIN's if you can. You can't imagine the deals you can get on BID if you're patient.

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