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Ok. What is up with barbarians?

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Crit chance amulet youll want ASAP.

Ammys no good without CC/CD for barbs.
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Wish i could break 100k damage..

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Crit chance amulet youll want ASAP.

Ammys no good without CC/CD for barbs.

I see that.

Picked a cheap one off of the AH. I crafted a few, but got zip for my efforts except less mats and less gold.

Gave me a 10k boost, lost about 2.5k in health, but meh.

Doing a base of 107k, and boosted its 333k. Doing crits over 2mil now with wrath up, but most are hitting between 1.4 and 1.8 mil, instead of 1.2 and 1.6. Average crits while not wrath is topping at near 1 mil on their own. Most are between 500k to 800k.

AS is mosty based on the weapon. No other items but the Lacuni's are boosting my AS right now. Was kinda the point according to the person who put me on to this build in the first place. Speed is not the goal here. So my total AS is only 1.21.

Not the best ammy, but I am not a huge spender, I try to spend a small amount and get a decent fit, even if I have to play around and find the gear that makes the build work.

Next suggestion?
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