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newer barb... can someone do a gear check....

title says it all, got all of this for around 230m not bad ( had gems from wd) so essentially what i need is a quick going over to see if i need more all res or ias etc.... i want to get my dps to around 200k unbuffed however i am only lvl 6 paragon so i could just wait untill i hit 80ish for that.

Any feedback is welcome, just started my barb today.
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Couple of quick notes here...

What's your AS currently? Seems a bit low as all I saw was the mempo. You could easily swap out the DD's with a pair of Inna pants for more AS and a CC plus would top out your Running speed(almost).

Resists look good but you can get more with a crafted set of bracers.

DPS wise its alright starting out. Very noticeable upgrades can come from a crafted Amulet, Bracers (more str), gloves that put you at -9-10CC with AS or maybe AS or all three if your lucky, and shoulders which can give you higher str plus vit and life %.

Something else to think about...
Ice Climbers can be pretty cheap depending on what stat you want. If you get the Inna pants you could swap out the IK boots for a higher str based pair of climbers which will also have AR and a socket on them. You wouldn't lose and movement speed(but you wouldn't gain any either)

Give me a shout sometime if you want. Can go over everything a bit more one piece at a time
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Hey mate

Your Res all is fine. AS I think may be a bit low, but rather than me trying to explain it, there is a lot of well written info on break points etc in the Sticky (by Raging Koala) above. To get your AS up, this would require a bit of gear juggleing, but if you dont want to spend any cash/gold until 2.0 comes in, Id craft Vit shoulders for the meantime. Only Barbs can roll up to 300 vit and 300 Strength on Vit crafted shoulders. Also, SOJ, this will help a lot with Elites.

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Thanks guys. Truid I will send you an in game message as soon as servers are up.
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