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Can this game be fun without real money?

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Blizzard tapped into a capitol resource no other game has discovered. They aren't going to turn off a money engine. Fun is free, go outside and run around inthe sunshine, go for a walk by the river.

You wanna play a video game, you pay and you never stop paying, or the game wouldnt exist.

Paid once for Diablo 2, paid once for LoD. Never paid anything beyond that and that game is still going to this day. Diablo 3 does not need an RMAH to keep the servers going, it's just a side benefit for Blizzard.
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I have just come back with no items & haven't played since release. Played the AH, got gear, started farming = fun with no money on softcore.

Hardcore u can go into with 0 cash aswell & its fun.
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This game can be fun without RMAH. I don't play this game anymore since June. But if you want to use the RMAH, now is the time because gold is cheap and people are probably selling their gear after the patch announcement. I sold my gear. I was thinking about selling all my gear earlier this month but was super lazy so didn't. I regret it so much. For me the most fun part of playing this game was leveling characters from level 1 to 60. All 5 classes both gender.
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So now we're talking about the ethics of a company, that's selling entertaining games to the public.

Do you guys also complain about your neighbor who bought a new car, instead of building his own, like you all did?
Or maybe you traded 2 cows and 5 pigs for a new truck?

But oh Lord, he BOUGHT it, off a guy who sells them! The horror!

What has happened to mankind over the last 5000 years? Good old times, when we traded pelts and weapons for other things we needed, those were the times...
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08/27/2013 09:37 AMPosted by cheese
if you dont wanna spend real money then dont. such a stupid question to ask. why do people QQ about RMAH? lols its not even a competitive game. so why it matter what other people have? and plus blizz need to make money too. they ARE a company

He's worried about upgrades though. Not a stupid question. The reality is that for some people, a brick wall has been hit where upgrading is nearly impossible without spending real money.

Regardless of comparing yourself to other players, some of us like to upgrade our character because that's a major part of playing D3. Slaying monsters and upgrading your characters. If you can't do one of those things, it's half of a game to some of us.
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08/27/2013 10:21 AMPosted by Omniscient
The reality is that for some people, a brick wall has been hit where upgrading is nearly impossible without spending real money.

Otherwise known as entitlement to top gear.
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08/27/2013 08:18 AMPosted by True
can this game be fun without using the RMAH?

Well, Blizzard is trying their darnedest to make the answer to this question a resounding, yet ambiguous(to protect their image), "No".
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Something just hit me. Take a look at Diablo 2. You can say that it was all about the loot grind. However, we had 99 levels to progress through, each level giving us valuable stat and skill points. It gave us a way to "upgrade" our toons without relying on an epic drop. So even though you weren't getting good drops in D2, you still could at least go for that extra level and get more skill/stat points.

Maybe that is what D3 is missing. Because the loot drops were not all that great in D2 either. If you wanted the best gear, you had to trade. D3 has got that concept in spades. But what they missed out on was that leveling up is pretty much meaningless. +1 point in your main skill is soo much better than a handful of stat points.....

Plvl 100 does grant a lot of stats. But, it's not enough IMO. In D2 going from 90-99 to get those last few stat/skill points changed your toon quite a bit. D3, just doesn't have that.

Spending cash in D3, IMO, removes all the fun from the game. Or at least, burns you out a lot quicker.
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08/27/2013 08:18 AMPosted by True
Thinking of returning to the game, I dont mind the in-game gold auction house but I will not ever spend a dollar on the RMAH, can this game be fun without using the RMAH?

yes you will more of a challange, easy to buy 2billion in gold but try and farm it lol thats a challange..

so yes I love it without real money, but then I don't want my hubby to divorce me cause I keep spending my money here lol
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I don't flip. Every once in a while, I find new gear that works for me or another class. Recently, some dude gave me Zunimassa's Marrow after we finished Act 1. He was just giving away gear. Also gave me another Thing of the Deep which was an upgrade to the one I had. DPS shot up when I pulled the topaz out of my helm and put those 3 topazes in my chest piece. Freaking awesome.

And because of the Marrow having magic find, it wasn't such a bad idea to pull out the topaz from it. My life also shot up. Anywho yeah if I don't find new gear or buy it for a million or so on the GAH, someone gives it to me.

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Rmah is pretty much a cheat code mode. i dont have anything againts reg ah but the real fun is in farming your own stuff yourself.
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of course it's fun without spending and more money besides what you already paid for the game.
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08/27/2013 08:18 AMPosted by True
Thinking of returning to the game, I dont mind the in-game gold auction house but I will not ever spend a dollar on the RMAH, can this game be fun without using the RMAH?

If you can't have fun without using the RMAH, there is something wrong with you.
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i dont have RMAH account farm my gold and gear craft my gems over 100k elite kills its fun for me !
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no money no honey =)
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Farm your paragon levels, collect your gold and watch for the items you want on the gah. I've gotten some good stuff because they can't sell anything and they love that bidding process. Don't overbid to start with and if you get outbid, let it go. I've written down the stats of items and lost the bid, just to find the item reposted a little bit later. Don't fall for that con.
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08/27/2013 08:30 AMPosted by Cyberbeni
It's more fun without using the RMAH, since there is a challange to preogress in gear

It WILL be tons of fun when expansion hits

Current state = grind for months and get no gear advancement..not so fun. Flip and you'll get gear advancement but flipping isn't fun either, especially these days.
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