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Deckard Cain was the last living Horadrim

08/29/2013 04:54 AMPosted by Wxmyjnsn
Can anyone tell me the order of the books? I would like to read them from beginning to end.

Hi Wxmyjnsn, Vaeflare put together a pretty comprehensive list over in this thread;


Happy reading! There's lots there. :)
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The story is fine and, for the most part, makes sense.

- It bothers me that they gave my dude in Diablo 1 a name (Aidan),
- that Tyrael just decides to come back as Wisdom like a teen that doesn't understand the weight and consequences of one's actions (you banished yourself, moron).
- that Diablo's a woman (instead of manifesting himself as the beholder's greatest fear - really? Imperius' greatest fear was a giant red zerg-looking girl?).
- and that most villains had cliché dialogue.

I felt like Zoltan Kuul practically needed his own act. It was "kuul" (ahah get it?) to see a human taking matters into his own hands and not be a pawn to this angel and demon business. I was also disappointed that angels are still seen as being "friendly" instead of being another threat to humanity. I want to fight a non-corrupted angel, please! Lets fight for humanity's independence!

I can criticize the game's story, but at the same time I really appreciate what I got. Having more Horadrim is pretty cool.

To those complaining about having to read books to get the story bits... no. While stuff is elaborated in the books (like Diablo's shapeshifting "abilities" and how the first Nephalem came to be), everything that's been presented in Diablo III (and what we know about RoS) has been mentioned in-game throughout the entire Diablo video-game series. In fact, Diablo III does a superb job at summarizing what's been going on since Diablo 1... even to the point that stuff that happens in the books are mentioned in-game! Like the very important decision by the angels (well, most of the angels) to let the humans exist.

Who are the Horadrim? Deckard Cain won't shut up about it since Diablo II. He mentions that he's the last and then, suddenly, "OMG why did Tyrael recruited more?"

So don't give me that "Blizzard is evil!" bull---- Pay attention or shut up!
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didn't bother tying the new story to the old.

There was very little to tie it to. The old "lore" was not very well thought out, and disjointed. One of their goals with D3 was to fix everything up and define what the lore actually was. No one was actually trying to make a cohesive story in D1 (especially) and D2. That's part of the reason why claiming the "story" in those games was so great is pretty laughable. It wasn't fully though out or realized.

Point of clarification, Chris Metzen was among the writers for the first two Diablo games. Significant difference from being the main writer for D3. Also, he is not the main writer for Reaper of Souls, which I find interesting.

He's in charge of all their stories, whether or not he is giving writing credit.

He will do a good job as always, most likely.

Ugh don't tell me you just did that.... I'm embarrassed for you.

Someone asked a question and he provided an answer... how embarrassing for him!!!
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To the people complaining about spending money on books that develop the story outside of the game -

Spend the money on Book of Cain. It summerizes everything in the books. Or, go to a library.

Or, go with what you have in the game. It is an expansive universe. You don't hear Star Wars fans complaining that they need to read(GASP!) to see more of the Clone Wars, or the Sith Wars, do you? No, you don't.

And like someone said - David Brevik even admitted in an interview that the "story" for D1 and D2 were just slapped on after the game was done, and there was no though that went into it. D3 HAS that thought, probably mostly because of all the books that have been written since that expanded on the universe. So don't blame Blizz, blame the writers of these books.
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It was the archangel Tyrael who originally formed the Horadrim order to combat the three prime evils. Yes Deckard Cain was the last living Horadrim at the time of Diablo 3 but why can't Tyrael after the events of Diablo 3 find and recruit new Horadrim and form a new order? Especially since he is now mortal and spends all of his time in Sanctuary and especially since he intended to hide the Black Soulstone (which failed miserably).

I don't really see any problem with this part of the lore.
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Wow, your sackage is truly incredible, Vaelflare. I can't believe that you guys at BLIZZARD, of all companies, are treating us this way.

"If *YOU* would ACTUALLY like to LEARN about this, just hand over $50 to figure out what happens at the beginning of the game you already paid $60 for"

What a load of crass pooplage. You guys really are a class act nowadays, and I honestly can't believe THIS is the company you've become.

You don't need to read the books to understand what happens during the games. They are supplementary material for those that are interested in them.

Diablo III even does a great job of providing a great deal of extra lore and backstory via the in-game lore books you can collect. You just have to actually make some effort to play the game to collect/listen to those.

But ultimately, a book is the best medium for telling a story. If you want the most in-depth story details, that's going to have to be where you have to go. Its extra. Its not necessary for understanding the story. Stop whining.

Would you like to know how many books I purchased to understand the events within diablo I and II? We both know I don't need to answer this question for you to figure that slightly oval-shaped number out.

Which is the exact same number you need to read to understand the D3 story. Of course, the D1/D2 story is also more barebones.
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What i think D1 and D2 did well storywise was to be almost deliberately vague about a lot lore. There were plenty of unanswered questions regarding heaven and hell and anything in between.

I felt this sparked your imagination and you sort of filled in these gaps with your own imagination.

In D3 we get too much explained to us and the mystery of the lore gets lost.
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What ever happened to people like Gheed and Charsea.?
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Well from the Book of Cain, and Cain's own words seems that neither Cain is sure that he is the last of the Horadrim. He just assumes is because he is not in contact with any other.

The only other he knew to exist before him was Jared.

But it doesn't mean that there are no others.
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Didn't read the thread.
Leah didn't die.
The end.
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He's in charge of all their stories, whether or not he is giving writing credit.

He will do a good job as always, most likely.

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As for the first two games though. I know how the credits read but there's more to the story than that. The Schaefer brothers and David Brevik wrote just about nothing for Diablo I. They didn't even know where to begin. All that mattered was that they created a gothic RPG where you enjoyed the grind instead of hating it. They succeeded. The cinematic for the ending was delivered to them by Blizzard's newly founded cinematics department at the end of the development cycle and it almost exclusively set up the story for the second game. They didn't even know how their game would end before receiving that video. Also, Metzen and Sexton (Sexton mostly responsible for quest writing, not the overarching story) were really the only two writers on the project that got much of anything done, with Metzen being the lead on concept and editing. This was continued with him as the lead in Diablo II as the concept and story editor. He has been the guy where Diablo's story is concerned since the beginning (I'm not necessarily saying that's a good thing). If you'd like to find more on the early days of Blizzard North, David Craddock is a writer that knows that story intimately and was, at least, writing a book based on that history. =)

I'm looking forward to David Craddock's book, but where do you get the information about the original Diablo story? I'm really curious how the game was originally created.
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Tyrael formed the original Horadrim.

Tyrael is now a mortal angel, living amongst the humans in Sanctuary.

Common sense says Tyrael will train new Horadrim to aid this new generation of heroes.

I thought that Tyrael said he was rejoining his Heavenly brothers but not as an Arch Angel but as a human to try and help them work together better.

Didn't think he was staying with the humans.

And he could easily create a new Horadrim. That's not hard to believe.
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