Diablo® III

Hey guys, it's been about a year. . .

and I need some help.

Basically, I'm not sure how to gear up, and what the new agreed upon meta is, and I want some help. Do you think you could have a gander at my gear and tell me which piece I need to upgrade next? I'm poor (about 5M in bank, following an accidentally low list for a pretty nice natalya's reflection that I deeply regret), so all my purchase decisions involve saving up, which is a tricky thing to manage when you're slumming it.

I'm also wondering about what the optimal MP to farm was. When I stopped playing, everyone was talking about how anything higher than MP1 was a waste, and I'm sort of struggling with MP3 (get killed on reflect packs and tall nightmarish/jailer types who interrupt WW before I realize it).

Anyway, thanks very much for the advice in advance!
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Welcome back! Would you like to enter the giveaway I'm currently doing? Basically, you give me one million gold, and I build you a set with ten million gold of my own. Don't worry; this isn't some sort of scam. I give you the gear first, then you give me the gold.

I'm doing this to get practice building budget sets, and also just to help people out. If you're interested, here's the link. The thread was actually closed, but a slot just opened up.

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Sure, I'll toss my hat into the ring.

In the interim, do you have any advice for me since you have experience building sets of your own?
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Sure! First off, I'd suggest that you switch to a dual-wield setup, especially if you're going to stick with a pure Whirlwind build. WW with a Skorn can work, but it requires lots of increased attack speed, which you don't have.

Second, you should take advantage of the new Archon crafting system. Your gloves, shoulders, amulet, and bracers could all be substantially upgraded through crafting. I recommend crafting Vitality shoulders (they can roll higher total stats than Strength ones) and using the Strength plan for everything else. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check the 1.07 patch notes.

In terms of your build, I would recommend replacing Unforgiving with Bloodthirst. The reason that you're dying against Reflect packs is probably because you don't have enough sustain through Lifesteal. You could also use the Killing Spree rune for Overpower; that would give you a big damage boost.

The set I'm going to build you will be a flexible dual-wield one that can use Whirlwind, HotA, and/or Rend equally effectively. I want you to be able to experiment, so I'm not going to make it overly specialized.

In terms of where to farm, I generally like to play at an MP where I can kill trash in two to three hits, and take down elites in less than 30 seconds. The experience for playing at higher MPs has been considerably increased, so take advantage of that. You also now get an experience boost for being in multiplayer games, so join those pubs and hope you meet some good people.

Hope that helps!
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Awwww what a good guy.
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Thanks so much!
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