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Advise me on my barb please.

90 Blood Elf Paladin
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Hey guys, my barb is PL 54 and I have 133k dps unbuffed. If someone can just take a look at my gear and build i'd appreciate it. I've been off cold for over 6 months and am out of the swing of things. I can run MP3-4 comfortably but I wanna know what's the most effective way of doing things atm, I would love to be able to MP10, I currently WW barb. Cheers, Thankyou.

My Barb
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Unfortunately you need some major upgrades for a WW barb. Personally I would read one of the sticky's on WW barbs, they're very informative, but here are some suggestions.

You lack AS for a WW barb. Normally you need 4 slots with AS if your EF is .24 APS or .25 APS.

Your life is low. Aim for 50K+

You AR is also low. Aim for 500+ AR

Now for your Gear.

The best advice I can give you is to craft Spaulders of Vitality, Amulet of strength and Gauntlets of strength. This is the most affective way to upgrade your gear without spending a lot of loot.

Get an IK chest with 200+ vit 150+strength 75+AR or one you can afford with higher Vitality and better AR.

Get an EF with an open socket, .24+APS, and low fear (less than 14%).

On your bracers you have 2 options: Craft a pair with 6CC and keep the WH belt, or get lacunnis and get an IK belt with LS. I would go with the Laccunis/IK belt because it will give you much needed AR, 12% more MS, but also a chance to use Brawler instead of Bloodthirst as a passive. Brawler will be a major boost on your tDPS

As for your Skills:

After you build your life and AR you'll want to drop War Cry and pick up another option like Overpower, Rend, HoTA etc.

Change you Bash rune to Punish and WW to Hurricane.

Of course this is one man's opinion but it's a start. Use D3rawr.com to see what affect each item will have on your character before spending any gold, but pay closer attention to the tDPS and not the DPS.

Good luck.
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Excellent advice above argos could I also suggest changing warcry to HOTA with smash rune for elites Maybe If you go with razorspikes of strength get some innas pants. life really is terribly low for all but MP1 or 2 I would use IK belt with brawler rune as suggested
Mempo is always a good defensive helmet option
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