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Just finished Inferno, where to go from here?

Hey guys,

Title says it all. Just finished Inferno and hoping I could start upgrading some of my equipment. I'm able to solo Inferno no problems, but I'm very much interested in getting better equipment so I can up the monster power during Inferno farms and work on my Paragon level.

What are some specific that I should focus on farming for high level gear to equip or sell? I'm planning to up my MP level progressively as my gear improves.
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Hello Nephalem Chris9000,

If you want to run WW/RLTW build w/ Skorn, you need to meet high IAS requirements on gear.

I think you should read through these concepts

You need MS on boots and likely Lacunis. Your CC is also painfully low (esp. considering you are using an IK helm). You can improve your jewelry very easily.

This 1 Mil budget has jewelry that contributes to damage more than what you currently have.


Since you are using skorn, Cold SOJ isn't absolutely necessary but nice if you can pickup. 6/29 or 6/30 if you can or another nice rare ring or Unity or Wailing host.

You should take a gander at the stickies.
Here is Death's Skorn guide


Paper DPS isn't necessarily the best indicator for whether your actually dps is going up or not.

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Good gravey, that's a trove of info.

Any advice on where I can farm?
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Any information you would ever need to know


09/01/2013 06:32 PMPosted by chris9000
Any advice on where I can farm?

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Thanks a lot, man. Favoriting this thead for future reference.

One last question. How the heck did you get all that gear so cheap? Rings with stats similar to the Vital Lantern you had in your 1mil budget thread was alone worth a mil.
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I will admit the Rare ring was a bit of lucky buyout which is why it was one the pieces I first bought when constructing the set. However, if I hadn't got that particular ring, there were several 90-100 str + 4.5cc + 25 CD that I could have won on bid and stayed within budget. (esp since I had a little bit of wiggle room left in the budget.)

The key to jewelry and weapons are almost never buy on buyout unless you see one where the price is right. Same w/ the ammy. I think if you search the same exact stats on buyout the lowest one was something like 5-8 million.

of course rings with Str, CC, IAS (8 or 9%) are considerably more expensive than the same Str, CC, CD so you will be looking for slightly pricier ring.

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