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Could someone review my monk?

I just recently came back to the game, and had 0 gear cause I gave everything away when I quit, so I dropped 1bil on some new gear and this is what I came up with.

I was following a 1 billion build youtube video, but he ended up with around about 50k more dps, 30 more resist, and 8k more hp. But he was Paragon 80+ does that make that much of a difference?

That being said my Amulet is very mediocre, as I didn't have enough money to buy a 100mil+ one, and I have mixed feelings about my gloves, it gives me the resist I need 633 AR, but the dex is low, but diabro tells me it's one of my best items (orange).

I couldn't get higher dps on my weapons because I filtered for life steal, those were pretty costly lol, I think I shelled out 500mil for both, probably overpriced.

I can do MP10 fairly easy. Sometimes when I meet a tough suffix combo, I might die, usually never more then once. I can kill majority of elites though. What MP would you farm to powerlevel my paragon with my current gear and what upgrades should I be working towards?
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For me only the higher MP (MP10) you can get huge experience if you need to do Paragon level in group run like pubs room game.
I'm also not using Natalya's ring (it because of having 7% bonus to CC if you wear 2 items of it?) instead I use "Lithany of the Undaunted" in able to survive longer fighting with elites and will stand as one of your defense because it will gives you Damage Reduce from Elite 6-7% but make sure that you also getting along with that attribute are the CC, CD and AR+70.

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You have decent weapons.I think you need to focus on your gears improvement. If you want to increase more dps and ehp. The low-end mempo should be replaced by inna helm with high dex, vit, fire resist (AR is pricy) and CC. Craft bracers with high dex, vit, cc with single/double resist. Next step upgrade should be your ammy craft. Finally your shoulder, you can craft it too. I think those gears upgrade would not cost you too much. Here is your upgrade sequence.

1. Inna Helm (AH)
2. Bracers (Craft)
3. Ammy (Craft)
4. Shoulder (Craft)

PS, If you have budget you should find a nat ring with dmg (xx-xx) and without that little LOH.

Good luck!
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tyvm Manunited :D
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Inna's helm is definitely the way to go if you can't afford a crit Mempo. And it let you switch chest armor eventually. I really prefer Tal/Crafted chests personally ; Tal chest could make up for the lost AS from the Mempo, and one with high vit/Single Resist could let you got full DPS on the gloves.

Also, try switching Blazing Wrath for DR : Foresight or WotHF : Blazing Fists and Resolve for Combination Strike. You could also switch Resolve sor BoY : more frequent uses of Serenity and FiTL will be more useful for your DPS and survivabilty.
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