First, I didn't come up with this. Gunner actually told me about it and he got it from someone else.!VZX!bbZZYa

Pretty much same as nirvana except you use cyclone strike. This build works very well on trash mobs and blue elites. also you can tweek it so many different ways too.

I choose to use EP:SS because keeps spirit up longer so more cyclone strikes. I can usually kill an entire mob of 60 enemies in one cycle. All you do is trigger nirvana and hold down CS and keep applying palm like crazy. I usually get about 4-5 palms in before everything starts exploding. you can also as you gather trash you can EP them then activate nirvana and keep CSing and EPing. you'll probably get like 7-9 palms by the end.

so far i've tested it with EF in group and solo and the fear factor isn't to bad or to big of an issue. elites aren't an issue because the CS interrupts them and if you are spamming it nothing hits you and you get healed too...

great in groups cause it pulls everything to you. works well in pub games too which I think is a huge plus for being a monk. I'm no pro at this so of course am looking for people to try it and provide feedback to make this even better.

I do think the more APS for this build the better it will be because of the limitation to how many enemies you can pull. Also because of the CS interrupt feature you only need 1 LS weapon!!! well might need 2 if you are still surrounded by a huge mob of trash.

Let me know what you think.