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What build works best for running with CM wiz

What build works best for running with a perma freeze wizard? I have been using rapid fire with bombardment, but it feels really slow and feels like there might be a better build to run with. I wasnt sure if i should run bola/echo blast with cull of the weak? Is there another spec that works good or has good synergy with a perma freeze wiz?

I looked at the sticky above and only found uber run build with a perma freeze wiz.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Cull doesn't work with CM Wiz IIRC..

Echo works...

Or you can try this:


CA: LfB or CB
MfD: The one with hatred or the AoE

-5 CA SoJ

Happy Spamming CA.
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I prefer bombardment with CM wiz's actually. I don't like how much hatred gets spent on Echoing Blast and with Mortal Enemy and Bat, I think I can output more dmg than EB with almost infinite channeling without having to rely on Bola Shot.
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Infinite channeling on a Calamity?

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my flag party build


non flag party varient


Non bombardment varient (recommend EP monk)


Some random cluster bomb build I pulled outta my butt

Note only use cull the weak if wizard has bubble, monk using crippling wave, or teammate is using cold SoJ w/ weapon damage skills
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Infinite channeling on a Calamity?


I can pretty much infinitely channel with a Calamity with a high enough CC, Prep Punishment and Night Stalker. I have 49 Disc and 75% CC with my Rapid Fire setup, so I instantly have enough for two full hatred regens... and rarely don't get enough disc return through Night Stalker to keep it going.
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Thanks guys!

I will try out the CA LfB build. The bombardment build works fine it just seems like everything dies so quick and by the time my first three bombs land the pack of monsters are already dead. We play on MP10 and usually do Act 1 runs. Bombardment works really well on elite packs so that is why i have been running that skill. Just wasnt sure if multishot or a faster firing skill would be better.

The wizard I run with does not use a bubble. So should I run without cull of the weak?
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what mp are you running?

ya no cull the weak then
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@SwSw I said ALMOST =P With MfD and Bat I can almost get infinite channeling, but recently I've been using Punishment instead of one of those two and I can get that infinite with my cc around 72%. Sometimes I get it sometimes i don't, but for the most part, I don't need to Bola very often.
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We run MP10. Usually just act one.
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I love the snapshotting ability of RF though. That is another reason I have not switched to another build.

Thanks everyone for giving some builds to try out!
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bombardment - although I wouldn't use it
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