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I am well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the build. I also agree it is great for crypt runs. I also believe if you took any GG geared cookie player and let them run a buff build it would be just as good. You don't need stun in Crypt Runs and you sure as hell don't need EP with GG geared players.

Which brings me to my next point:

You don't need BBV in Crypt runs either. The only reason you can keep the cool down even marginally low is because you are constantly killing some of the lowest HP trash in the game. One of the best buffs for one of the weakest mobs?

But, but you have it for Elites! Yep, elites in Crypts. The ones you're supposed to skip because they lower your exp per hour. Overrated.

The only time I could see either of these being "super" important is because your group can't put out the dps, or you aren't GG geared.

But hey, I would love to see proof that I am wrong. No one has produced any yet outside of "My fastest runs" or some such... with no video, no mobs per hour, etc. to back it up.

I could do the whole run with just bats and nothing else. At this point in the game we choose bbv because there is nothing better to use. I've tried zombie wall:pile on for lols, dogs, manatau etc. They're all useless in the long run, so it's better to have BBV to make the runs go just a tiny bit faster. There's no point in debating it if you can't tell my what I should be using in it's place.

Here are the skills I use

Bats: The dps
Locust: for aggro and sustain (more of a luxury)
Spirit walk: I use this when I don't pay attention to my mana or get blocked in to a corner. Once again, this is a luxury of laziness.
BBV: We've talked about this. I still don't need it.
Soul harvest: Use this for life leech and +damage. Don't need it either
Jinx/hex: Use it on elites. Don't really need this. This slot is the most variable since hex is pretty situational.

So, as you can see, I could use any skill setup and keep bats and probably not do any worse in a group crypt run. Solo might be hard, but I could roll a group run with just bats.
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