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Seismic Slam - A few irks & suggestions

G'day folks,
The day I discovered how Into the Fray worked, I picked up Seismic Slam and tried it as my main source of damage, and instantly fell in love!

I realise that the build I play isn't the most efficient build, nor is it the cheapest to gear for, but the satisfaction it brings me is unrivaled. The animation feels great, and coupled with Insanity it is an extremely fun way of dealing with multiple elite packs within seconds.

However, there are a few things that really irk me about this skill and the runes that are available for it.
Firstly, if you read the skill it says,
"Slam the ground and cause a wave of destruction..."
This means you can use this skill through some walls, around corners and it works great! However if you come across an elite with the Waller affix, game over!
It can be so infuriating trying to kill these elite packs. If these walls were designed to block all attacks then it would be fine. But they don't seem to be! You can use any of the Barbarians fury generating skills through these walls. Rend will work too! In fact almost all the Barbarians skills will work through these walls, but not a mighty Seismic Slam?
I simply suggest that we allow Slam to pass through the walls. It still does significantly less damage compared to Hammer of the Ancients, and nothing trumps Run like the Wind + Whirlwind (+ Rend) in terms of AOE.

Next up is the knockback.
The knockback is a godsend playing single player, it's what allows me to farm MP10 safely with very little eHP.
Maybe the knockback is what makes the skill unique, but the fact remains that in a multiplayer scenario, almost nobody likes effect like knockback/fear/etc.
I find myself feeling like I'm ruining parties by using Seismic Slam and often I will just retreat to playing alone.
What I would love to see is a rune that removes the knockback effect. Perhaps the same rune could offer some extra damage or even simply change the Stagger rune to ONLY have the 70% stun effect.

Finally it's Rumble or Strength from Earth.
The other runes are simply useless. If you're 1-shotting most monsters, you'll take SfE, otherwise it's Rumble.
The stun from Stagger is really pointless because you're already knocking monsters back. The one scenario you could argue for Stagger is against Elite packs, simply because the knockback doesn't work against Elites, Champions or Bosses.
Shattered ground only makes the problems of knockback worse by DOUBLING it. And the extra 48% damage is just cute.
Cracking rift is trumped in almost every way by Hammer of the Ancients. Lower fury cost, higher damage, better AOE, etc. The one thing it has going for it is the length the skill travels is slightly farther than HotA, but that's only really useful in very few situations.
In fact Seismic Slam as a skill is pretty much trumped by HotA. HotA doesn't have any of the problems I've listed here. And on top of that HotA features an extra bonus to Critical Hit Chance.

Hota>Seismic Slam. Waller affix completely counters this skill. Blizzard plz fix!

I'm interested to see other peoples opinions on this skill. Have you tried Seismic Slam, and if so what about turned you away from it?
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^^^Here is a thread you should post this on.^^^

I used SS/HOTA till about para 35ish. Worked great, the KB was one of the biggest things I didn't like.I feel KB should be removed

Maybe have different runes do different elemental damages as well, Physical, cold, fire, lightning etc.

Stagger: should keep the KB, and reduce its fury cost

Shattered ground: Lightning bolts shoot down from the heavens and strike enemies with a chance to stun, (lightning based) I think the initial enemy should be stunned, and maybe those within 3 yards, then have random bolts shoot off of the main impact site (fist of the heavens anyone?) and those will deal mid range damages.

Rumble: Stalagmites fall from the sky, crushing and dealing damage, (physical based) The crushing effect should slow the enemies movement, mid-upper range damage.

Cracking rift: Armageddon type brimstone rain from the sky and burn the enemy over time, (fire based) Impacts should be random and deal massive damages with a decent burn damage radius as well.

STR: Huge ice shards slow enemies with a chance to freeze. (cold based) Have this rune deal a lower amount of damage to make up for the slowing/freezing effects.

All runes besides stagger, should have a flat fury cost of 25.

Sojs should roll - SS cost instead of % crit chance.

Im actually going to post these couple ideas as well, shock nubtro a bit cause I usually do not contribute like that :)

SS is a way better choice, should you be trash farming, over HOTA. But for general farming, its an out dated skill.

I stopped using it due to efficiency problems, but I do want to pick it up sometime soon.
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