Diablo® III

Sell barb set (232k dps unbuff)

I will give you 38mill for the whole set since expac gear prices are dropping
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right, mech, u're right.. gonna do that..
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Saint, the prices are updated with today's auction house prices, im gonna report you and all the "trollers" for flooding my post and disturbing my transactions
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How about you take your troll selling to the trade forum like your suppose too we dont need this useless post in the barb forum since its not discussing anything but your trying to sell your items
now go get your shine box
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i think this is an open forum for all players.. i can put whatever i want for sale, for the price i want. if you dont want to buy, sent a constructive comment. otherwise, there is an [X] button just at the right top corner. Press it and you'll save your fingers and i'll save mine :)
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that's fun, cuz i didn't saw any "rule" like that in this topic: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/3074697467

curious hmmm...
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It doesnt take common sense to understand Trade post go in the Trade forum.
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and it doesnt take common sense to understand that i have one life, and i take care of em.. if u wanna take care of more then one life, buy a cat and take care of 8 lifes :P
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Online now bro :)))

I got the 3.8b for the set :)))
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Ok Death. You're right. I'll buy u a candy
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Nived, just add me and request invite
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I think Lucas and Nived just trolled us all lol
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saint, damn it, check the AH prices.. there they are.. without gems (as much as they're crappy, they stil worth something around 30m or something).. its nothing for me, neither for you, but for a new player, 30m is a large amount of gold.
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Sell it off piece by piece and go buy a burrito with the proceeds.
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I've nothing against honest sellers but you making claims you can take anything solo mp10 is just plain wrong. don't make such stupid claims and you won't have trolls.
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Really, FrontSquats? Are u talking siriously? The barb is the easiest class in diablo 3 ever.. with 120k dps, 400 all resist and 45k of life u can run mp10 (not ubbers).. you will take a little long to kill, but you'll make it..

its the easier class..
just WW+Rend+Wotb+sprint and hota for the elites.. there's nothing easier than this..
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if u're finding hard.. use cleave+reaping swing, warcry, battlerage and sprint+ww.. just it..

on 1.0.7 or 1.0.6 (dont remember when) i used to run act 3 with 140k dps unbuffered on mp10.. i took something like 3-6 mins to kill an elite. but i didnt used to die..
Edited by LucasAnon#1448 on 9/2/2013 3:16 PM PDT
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i dont think so.. i can solo anything withoud dieing :)

and i dont know why is showing 36% crit chance
only 2,9 LS
and 540 chd..

I guess all those ubers doesn't count as anything.
I guess a1 beserkers doesn't count as anything.
I guess a2 spinners doesn't count as anything
I guess belial doesn't count as anything

Not sure if you're trolling.....

You also only have 44k hp and 350 AR.

As Death said:
"As for you soloing anythign with no deaths lets see a MP10 uber solo kill video in that gear with no deaths. Take your time we will wait."

People that know how to gear can clearly see your gear is glass cannon and not worth the 7b you're asking for. Anyway, for some positive advice, sell your stuff on the RMAH. I sold half of my gear on there this week and made $100; half more to go.
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