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Looking for advice on what to upgrade next

I can farm/survive in mp10, but I'm looking for advice on what to upgrade next so I can kill even faster :)
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Swap out that Ruby in your helm with a vit gem. Also a little surprised your using a Ruby in your Skorn over an Emerald but I don't know much about the 2H Barbs.

Not sure what your budget is or your AS but if you are not close to the Skorns BP you may want to look into replacing your HF ring with a unity that has AS on it. Would bump your DPS considerably. And if you do get a Unity with AS it would be pretty easy to craft Bracers with 200+ Str high CC and AR on them which would increase as well
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Killing faster is good.

Heres my advice/gear juggle recommendation.

Skorn, you have a ruby, I know there is merit to this, however you dont have a WH (and in turn its CD) so Id consider swapping this for a CD gem. Before that, Id swap out the skorn for one with higher DPS and no Vit. Dont worry, Ill solve the vit issue with other gear in a sec. So you want a skorn with more DPS, at least 300 or more strength, Attack Speed and a CD gem (emerald). That should give you a nice and nasty big DPS boost.

Andariel's Visage is a good helm, however I find the lack of life % and res all (which as you may know comes standard with Mempos) ends up being the helms undoing with Barb builds. Id consider swapping this with a Mempo, CC if you can afford one, if not get as much strength as you can. Swap the Ruby for a Vit gem and you will now have 19% or more health gain. Along with a resist boost.

Id get an IK chest piece with around 125 strength plus and over 200 vit. I was on the AH earlier and these were around 30 mil, if you can afford it, get more strenght.

After this, you may want to consider swapping you innas for ones that have only vit as this stat rolls up to 200 on them, strength can only roll up to 100.

Remember, all these vit gains means you arent forcing to have it on your weapon which in turn will enable you to get a much better skorn which in the end will mean more damage.

Lastly, as your para 89 Id consider this new ring combination.

A SOJ (highly recomended, esp with HOTA Skorn builds).

Litany of the Undaunted - Good ones are expensive but comes standard with resist all (which you know you will lose when replacing the HF ring).

But if you can make up that resist all elsewhere I recommend a Strength/Attack Speed one of these, they help heaps with elites.

Lastly, I recommended ditching the HF ring and ruby in your helm as you more than compensate for this with a good build improvement that enables you to kill faster or a farm a higher MP level, and in turn, gain exp/loot/legs faster.

The rest of your gear is pretty good and I think sets you up nicely for this type of DPS gain.

Best of luck
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Thank you for the detailed reply! When servers are back up, and I'm home from work, I'll go scout AH and see what I can find.

I've always wanted to replace my helm, but have never got around to it (lazy, I know), and I like the exp gem/hf ring, but I guess I must move on to improve dps! Ty again :)
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