Diablo® III

console loot system = PC loot 2.0?

dang those are some hawt exclusives!

Aren't you thankful!?!

oh god... I'm starting to miss Bashiok
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All I know is, I have been playing Diablo for many many years, since late 1.08 D2...

I am very very disappointed with what has been going on with this whole console/PC thing.

It seems to me that you used the PC players as a beta test for the console version and then left us out to dry.

All we get on PC is a really bad auction house system, item/gold duping issues, exploits and little content updates.

You guys really better do something nice for us here in PC land, you should hold way higher standards (at least I can't see if you do)

PS, I barely consider the crafting update much of a content buff, and as for the legendary item changes made a while back, come on! you should have never released weak items to start with and you have to know it.

All this feels like an excuse to get people to keep using your precious auction house (which I have used)

I have pumped over 2k hours into this game and am very sad to see how much junk has dropped, it's like playing D2 all over again, but at least there we have ladder and runewords to help make it seem more worth while
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D3 was my first game i payed for and the last for sure(except for Ros).My gaming expirience was from torrent sites only, coz i never had enough money to buy games . Then i decide to buy d3 ( this cost me a whole monthly salary) i`m glad i have made more money than i invest in this game , but from a gamer point of view i feel used and disgusted.This whole game is one big money grabbing scheme .Rmah/gah,bots and multyboxing allowed ,not to mention that consoles get all the features that PC users begged for more than 1.5 year,PVP!? And now we have to wait for another 5-6 months until you guys milked tha last penny out of the consoles... But yes i will buy Ros , only to earn some cash via Rmah . But i will never ever touch any other blizzard game . I`m very sad and dissapointed how you guys treat your PC customers. Its very hard to build a good reputation , but its very easy to loose it , You guys throw your reputation in to the recycle bin.
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This just in PC is easier to hack and bot due to it's design of running whatever the hell you want on it.
This mixed with online gaming is surely expected to have bots and hacks no matter how hard they keep trying to stop it. real online gaming should be done on conoles where you cannot run any jackass thing you want. They have come a long way in stopping alot but they will never succeed totally and definately not enough for a real money auction....
so why is it on the least secure system instead of the most.

Don't feel too bad they abandoned some issues so far on the console as well they say they are 'working' with them to get a patch.... hmmm i seem to recall downloading patches for other games nearly daily if not hourly so they have to work now with xbox on sony? Whatever that was a line of lies if you ask me and yes the mod who said it was talking out of his butt.

Blizzard has lost tons of reputation with its late releases shoddy work and false promises. I used to love blizz but i suppose a new staff comes along and just points fingers at diff departments and companies or whatever, must be related to the obama admin rofl.
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Good move on blizz keep people waiting on patch for improvements on pc while people get aggravated and go buy the console version instead. Bravo!!!
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...Similarly, stats on crafted items were boosted to help smooth the leveling curve and ensure that players could reliably find upgrades.

I don't think this was necessary. There is no issue with reliably finding upgrades. My Monk is pretty much fully legendary right now at level 54, (I was already fully legendary around level 30) and I find a new legendary to replace an old one roughly once per level, sometimes even more often. It is SOOOO easy to find upgrades in the console version, that even at level 54 I already feel like my stats are nearly good enough to jump straight into MP5 and faceroll through it once I hit 60.
It is completely 100% understandable that legendaries need to have a higher drop rate on consoles because of no AH, but holy Sh!t Blizzard went overboard. Not only do rare items drop WAY to often, but the stats on them now are fixed so that it's not even possible for them to be bad. Some argue that they still aren't "perfect," but who cares? What do you need "perfect" gear for when the difficulty only goes up to half as high as the PC version?
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remove the durability from items and make it consume for GOD sake .. nothing lives 4 ever even ur Diablo 3 items !!!
That way players always always look for new and give the game a life !
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One thing good about console drops is the balance.
Is super easy to drop legs for sure (RNG, i could sometimes go 4 hour without any legs, but then got 3 in 15 mins, lol), but the balance part would come from getting the legs you want. I mean sometimes, you get the same legs 3 times, but never get that BiS you wanted, this make you keep farming, hoping the next drop will be the one.

So i think they should follow this direction together with the planned legs changed on the affix.
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The problem im having with the console loot system is equipping my follwers ...
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now i understand how you lost 88% of your fan base. good luck with ros and loot 2.0 blitz; im finally done with this clown shoe game
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This thread in one line.

Blah blah not same loot system blah blah stuck with the same Loot 1.Suck.0 on pc for another 2 months.

(still haven't ordered RoS)
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There was one really simple solution to this loot problem.
People played diablo 2 for years, simply because a couple of things were different there loot wise.
1. You could craft the perfect rare.
2. There were less possible affixes - sufixes (means better chance at right stats and no ubercrap)
3. Runewords
4. Upgradable legendary's (to Nightmare or Hell rank)
5. Option to socket that awesome rare or legendary that was just missing a socket
6. Ladder system : Everyone started with a clean slate and all items were gone.
7. Great leveling sets like Sigons.

This for me is the reason i liked diablo 2 so much.
If i pumped 30 hours into diablo 2 i know i would get a decent item in return. If i pump 300 hours into diablo 3 i should really be happy if i find one item that's worth more then 50 million. While having to spend 2 billion on a top end item.
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Lylirra please give me an answer to why the supposed pc exclusives such as angel wings and dies were ported to the console supposed exclusives plus other exclusives such as crimson angel wings on ps3 can you have a patch to give the same to the pc platform
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this game is completely broken on the ps3 and 360, way to many players running about with modified gear so rifts are pointless. PC version at least stops cheaters, What a waste of £15
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