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Why so many barbs with low resists???

So I decided to check out some different profiles on here to get an idea on how to go about upgrading gear as I go. Im Seeing SOO many barbs with 350k+ dps outputs and 65k+ life but barely any of their items have resists on them...maybe 375 AR. am I missing something??? Do barbs not need much AR as you get to higher MP?

my current setup allows me to farm mp7 with no issues.
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Hello Nephalem MVmaniac,

Most Barbs would say the base AR requirements are within the 500-550. For true HotAs who have to tank through considerable damage, a little higher is better. When geared correctly, Barbs have very good sustain and a variety of options (Might Belt, Weapons, Passive). 5%+ is strongly recommended. Since LS scales w/ DPS, additional AR slots should be going to damage for faster kill speed + higher sustain.

09/02/2013 08:28 AMPosted by MVmaniac
Im Seeing SOO many barbs with 350k+ dps outputs and 65k+ life but barely any of their items have resists on them...maybe 375 AR.

This is still true. I'm of the opinion that standard WW can get away with being a little bit glassy but Hybrids and HotAs can't. You definitely have to carry a fury generator to get out in a pinch.

I'd recommend you look into a LS Skorn or Mighty Belt. You need the sustain in higher MPs. Your build is also all over the place. Check the stickies for threads on build. Your IAS is really low for Skorn WW PermaWrath.

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The more experienced barbs can correct me if i'm wrong on this one but basically when I started I had the same problem. I had around 900/1000 all res, high armour and decent HP but that was severely gimping by dmg output.

Some time after I took the advice of a lvl 100 paragon friend of mine and that was to drop most of my all res and stack up on pure dmg, higher hp and most importantly, HIGH lifesteal.

Because you are leeching soo much HP back the loss of RES won't matter that much. I do believe however that if you are on a budget, the higher all res can help you more.

Again, no Barb pro and mained Monk for a long time. Still have pretty garbage gear and i'm a casual D3 player (only hardcore in D2) but that's just my 2 cents. Hope it made sense.
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awesome thank you for the heads up guys. Cartographer ill be sure to check up on what you were talking about in regards to build!
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What cartographer just said.

09/02/2013 08:28 AMPosted by MVmaniac
my current setup allows me to farm mp7 with no issues.

I'm short of 30 all res (478all res) and I have no issues with mp 10 at all.
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that's all well and good, but have you actually looked at the PRICES of top end dps gear that also has all resists?
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WW barb can always get away from danger such as fire and poison since you are constantly moving. As long as you do not get 1-2 hit, the high DPS can fill up the HP instantly with even 3% LS. I have played with many gearing, Sword and Shield is the way to go in high MP. You would have no trouble with Fury plus high armor and block enable you to grind the map with no death even with your eyes closed. Skorn can hit hard but the Fury so hard to manage if want to grind fast. With my current setup, I clear FoM in 7-8 min in MP9. 2-3 circles per group then move on. MP10 would double or triple the time.
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Barbs can get away with a bit less AR compared to other classes because:

- high lifesteal compared to Wiz/WD who only get 3% if using offhands
- inherent 30% damage reduction for being melee
- a high end barb has very high strength, which means more damage reduction via armour
- hota crits will fill your HP globe very quickly, so you might as well get a lot of HP instead of mit for this build. I prefer higher mitigation setups for WW builds though.
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thanks again guys really appreciate it
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Like others have said, if you do some HOTA, you need more AR. You can cope with less lifesteal if you run with the lifesteal rune on rend. I run a hybrid of HOTA/Rend/WW to cover every aspect of farming and I think I do pretty well. With just 3% LS, against poison trees and reflect I simply throw more rends here and there. AR at about 500. 6k armor.
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Yokies, how many tries for Mutton's HF ring. Very nice. I've gotten tired if trying, all i get is junk.:(
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