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Is crafting gear worth it?

The only thing I craft right now is gems, but I keep hearing people say I need to craft my own Ammy, shoulders, gloves and bracers. At what point is it a waste of time with crafting? Would I not be better off buying gear of the AH? I understand that my current supply along with the AH price of mats changes and I can get lucky and craft some bomb gear on first few tries but can someone explain to me why I should craft my own gear and how much I should expect to spend on the crafting as a total?
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Hi mate

I recommend it, but I guess its up to you and honestly it depends on what your gold flow is like. But I find once your up over paragon 80, your gold pickup and legendaries finds cover crafting gold sink nicely.

I have no idea how many crafts Ive done to get the gear Im wearing, however I enjoy it. If your just starting out, I recommend you look at gloves and shoulders of Dex first. DH along with monks can roll some pretty crazy gloves from what Ive seen and they are a lot cheaper to craft than ammies.

If you want to check out good crafts, you can check out my gear, or my wifes DH (she crafted her gloves on her 3rd craft) and bro-in-law's monk (Shoulders, 50th craft).

Wifes DH

bro-in-law monk

Cheers and good luck.
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Would you say my gear is fine for paragon lvl 20 then? I have several million gold I can use to upgrade gear whether it be buying off AH or crafting. I just don't want to spend more gold on crafting than I would buying something of equal value off of the AH. But if it's all a luck draw then I'm ok with that.
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Yup, its all luck of the draw, having a look at your profile, I think your well on the way to a good level 20 DH, but Id consider doing the following:

Grab a better ammy from the AH, with some CC on it (pref above 8%), and as much dex and CD as you can. Dont worry about the vit. AS if possible, if you cant afford it, leave it off.

Grab an innas set of pants with as much vit as possible with 8% AS instead of 9 (much cheaper) and that will compensate for the vit loss from your ammie. You can then swap out those 2 vit gems for dex gems. If this is any help, my wifes DH has less res all than you, 52 life and she farms MP8 solo with no deaths and MP9 with a few. So I think you can drop in vit back to say 60k no probs.

Craft shoulders of dex, you want high dex (over 220, which wont be a prob), vit and res all. Try 30 and see how you go.

If that goes well, try dex gloves.

Consider getting a nats ring, I know they are expensive, but the 3rd nats piece bonus is 130 dex.

Its hard I know, but keep trying, youll get there.

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You sure answered if it's worth it. What outstanding gear you all have created. I guess it's just not obvious how good it can get when one is starting. I will just continue to salvage and save the items i can. They aren't worth much money, anyway.

Thank you for your insightful and valuable reply.
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Out of all 5 classes,
Many big boys in this forum are suggesting
monk is the single most class that requires good crafts
for stats in shoulders/ bracers
I totally concur with the big boys
coz my monk can never meet the 200K mark without crafted shoulders/ bracers.
(i ve some nice vile ward & cc lacunis but they arent good as the crafted shoulders/ bracers)

Crafting gears except weapons are worthwhile
But for weapons, after running 200+ crafts, i never get a sword over 1K dps while having a socket
so this is the most economically stupid thing i ve ever done in this game
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Simply put; yes for items lvl 60+, no for items under 60. Just my opinion though.
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