Diablo® III

Visage to Mempo

Easily see most DHs now wearing Mempo instead of Visage...
I wonder because searching for some Mempo and what i find is losing about >8k dps
Of course EHP goes up with a Mempo but... Is there anyone who can explain thoroughly to me why sometimes i feel like i'm the only one in this world choosing Visage :(
Arhhhh... And the line Fire damage taken... Is that a big problem?
I'm also thinking about a purchase of Mempo (because of cool outlook b-) ).. Using Calamity and with a low budget, what do u guys think i should choose, as or cc in my Mempo?
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The main choice between a Mempo and a Visage comes down to EHP vs DPS vs BUDGET.

If you have alot of gold a CC Mempo is pretty much BIS with the AR, life % and DPS.

If you are poorer but still have good EHP alot of people use a Visage to get that 4.5cc to boost DPS. Although it's best to try and get one with less than 10% fire damage.

If you're really poor and your gear isn't that good (aka just got into inferno) Id say a Mempo is better than an Visage purely for the EHP gains.

As you say that you're on a budget a CC mempo might be out of range for you they're still pretty expensive :( But to be prefectly honest i used a Visage for months until i got the gold for my Mempo and just managed my EHP onto other pieces of gear.
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I recently made the switch from a non CC, 270 dex Mempo to an Andy's with socket, but only after I crafted a pair of gloves with AR. So, ehp didn't suffer too much while gaining a goodly amount of DPS.
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are you comparing 4.5cc mempos to 4.5cc andys? because the only thing giving the andy an edge is the double dex rolls going into the 200's - you get a 9/6 dex mempo it will outshine an andys anyday of the week, it's just super expensive is all.
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Bob put a great analysis together. One thing I'd add that most people don't realize:
Andys is the best DPS helm in the game. This assumes you mostly disregard ehp (80 AR and 30% life vs ~80-90 vit).
If you have a GG char with plenty of ehp, Andys is a great (and VERY rare) choice. A 265/70/9% Andys can be had for less than 1b. In order to come close to the same DPS output, you're looking at a 200/9/6 mempo.

For rough Ehp calculations, 80 AR and 30% life will add ~100-150k ehp, while 80 vit will add ~30k. But those obviously depend on your particular char.
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Yeah... Thanks alot!
Especially to Bob because his answer's exactly what i'm looking for :D
Just searched for some mempo with cc and u know how much i was surprised... Too expensive as u say and i just came back to this game after 1 year ^_^
I still find it okay farming mp7 alone and mp9 with my friends, and it seems that there's no big prob with my ehp... Therefore, maybe i wont need any changes now with my visage until i've got hundreds of mil later hehe
Once again, thank you guys very much.
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