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fastest exp strat, and gear recommendations

So I have two questions.

1- With my gear, what is the fastest way to reaching paragon 100 on my wiz. What mp, areas should i run over and over again. (gold and item drops not a concern as much as paragon 100 is)

2- What should my next upgrade be, i know i can get a better one-hand. but aside from that, im also working on crafting bracers and shoulders but no luck so far.

thank you for taking the time to read this and helping me out :)
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I would switch Meteor to Teleport Wormhole. And Deep Freeze usually beats Bone Chill for solo play. Then just set the MP to whatever allows you to kill trash in about a second, and elites in about 15 seconds. A1 seems to be the most popular route. Festering Woods > Weeping Hollow > Fields of Misery.

This post shows that A2 is the best though:
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The post given says that it was done in mp10, and bearing that in bind wouldn't the extra bonus experience with a party out-do soloing it quick in MP 1?
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It looks like you are in much the same boat as me. I really want to reach P100 before the expac. So far, I have found the most efficient thing to be running an archon build with my CM gear and just using blood magic for life steal. Then I run on low MP (4) and melt everything in less than a second with elites going down pretty quick. The only thing that slows me down are reflect damage elite packs, since I don't have enough life steal to just burn them down. Still, they go down pretty quick when I take them out one at a time. At this MP I can keep archon up 100% of the time without really trying.

Now of course a really well coordinated group running MP10 would be better. But unless you have a dedicated/smart group, I have found that I can be so much more efficient solo (not to mention that things go down so much faster), that running low MP archon seems to be best for me.
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Best route is actually @ mp 10 I am getting 210 million an hour in public party play

Leoric's manor 1~3 elites x2 shrines --> port to town at gate
Festering woods 4~5 elites x2 shrines --> Port to town after 4th elite kill
Weeping Hollow Full trash mob clear with 5 stacks no side dungeons--> Complete start over*

**Fields of misery is optional, and if you take that option ONLY take decaying crypts side dungeon everything else is a waste of time exp wise.

Each run takes about 11~12 minutes, Don't bother gearing in exp bonus crap, gear for as high of mp play as you can.

I should add I average 200~210 million an hour, however 1 run I did was over 50 million worth, was shrined mostly the whole time.

Best build I've used so far
(I am heavily geared for it though your clearly lacking in meteor gear).


If you encounter a extra health molten elite roll find lure the elite into trash mobs if possible, with my gear each elite pack that isn't molten dies in about 20 seconds.
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I guess I just haven't had good luck with public games. Maybe I should try again since so many people are trying to level these days. Perhaps there is better coordination. Also, I should note that when I do the low MP I run with a ruby gem in my helm and a decent CC/CD hellfire ring.
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