Diablo® III

I need some help

So i have 250 m to 1 bill depending on item sell

I need some upgrades and i need some Help with my build as i really just started playing again after taking a year off i got lucky with a Mempo helm drop with very nice stats.
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OK, you've got plenty of budget to work with, so as long as you spend it wisely, you can gear up for MP10. However, you need to beef up your EHP (mitigation focused) a lot before that.

Easy fixes:
1. Nat Boots and Ring in place of your rares. I would recommend getting boots with stacked resists (130+ total) instead of vita.
2. Remember that resist we we added...change your Inna pants to get some with 160+ vita
3. Vile Ward Shoulders with 240+ dex, vita, and stacked resists. Yes, you can craft shoulders, but beating a good VW is not easy. You are better off spending those precious DEs on your other craftable slots

Next steps:
4. Speaking of crafting...start rolling bracers, then amulets, then chests, gloves, and someday far away...shoulders
5. Upgrade that WH belt
6. Yes, we finally need to address those weapons. Go big here. If you can only squeeze one weapon into the budget, do that.
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What should i shoot for stats to farm mp10 with my current gear and set up i can farm mp7
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Most people seem to go with the following stats for MP10 farming:

200k DPS (or as close as you can get)
5000 armor
500 all resist
40-50k HP
500k EHP (or as close as you can get)

If you're not already doing so, I'd recommend using D3up.com to monitor your progress with your upgrades EHP-wise.

These numbers are very flexible depending on your play style. Some folks can farm with numbers waay lower w/o issue because they don't mind kiting things around.
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With dual LS you can do MP10 with only 150k DPS, but you are going to want 200k+.

More important is your EHP and mitigation.
The general guideline is 50k life/5k armor /550 resist all. However, it varies some by build and everyone is different so this is just a guide; you may be comfortable with more or less depending on your skill, playstyle, DPS, etc.
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