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Budget Wiz advice needed

Comming back to D3 after a long break and want to do something new and decided to try a Wizard.
I have about a 50m budget. Should I gear up for CM or go Archon? I solo most of the time. Is this even enough to get me going on like MP 5-7? Should I sell off my DH gear and try to get my budget larger? Any advice would be great.

Thanks in advance
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don't sell off your DH because you won't get anything for it.


brows through that
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50m should get you up to mp5 on archon, as long as you are careful. Here's Jaetch's archon guide:
It's an hour and a half long, but it's worth it.

If I were you, I'd look through the SNS guide and watch the archon guide, see which one looks like more fun for you, then go with that.
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Still haven't decided to go CM/SNS or Archon. Both of those builds look really good. I started my Wiz today and I'm having a blast with him. Since I can't make up my mind yet I decided to just play through to 60 and play both types to see what I like better before I buy any gear. I may have to go CM because when I do play with some friends they like to turtle and I think that would really gimp an Archon build. We generally don't have tons of money as you can see I don't have that great of a DH. After watching the guides I have really been excited to be back into D3 again. I really like this Wiz community. Really friendly advice and FANTASTIC guides. You guys do great work.
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go archon - fast farmer all in all
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Why not try hybrid archon build? I guess many archon players' concern is about the cooldown time. I'm an archon build myself and I understand at certain times you need to cooldown those timers fast so you can archon asap, and there are skills like living lightning to proc critical mass fast, frost nova to freeze all monsters when in trouble, explosion blasts to supplement living lightning. So mix around and test out more and see where you're most comfortable in and there you got your build.
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I can do mp6 with my gear without a problem (well let's say solo shielding ranged mobs that spread / run away a lot take a bit longer to kill than any other pack, but those are rare) and I had a 6 mil budget to start off with, geared from 0 ending up with 200k dps, 420k ehp (ok was 170k dps, then I got some nice drops and flipped my triumvirate twice each time upgrading it a little bit).

If you have the time to play bids on AH while simulating your gear on d3up, you will end up getting very good returns for your investments.

My advice is to get - for start - a good balance of dps / ehp that allows you to do effortlessly MP2-MP4, and just hang out there until you get 20 paragon or so (it really helps a lot with the stats and improved mf/gf), then try to upgrade in small bits, pushing more dps without dropping too much EHP.

Hybrid Archon works best for me, switch your passives / runes around to fill the holes in your gear setup (need more crit? run pinpoint - need more EHP - run prismatic etc).

Since you have a very nice starting budget - don't do the mistake to invest most of it into a single item (like a weapon). Use D3UP and model a ballanced set, archon needs damage to kill fast to fuel it's timer as well as leeching life back from LS, but also needs good EHP to be able to take incoming damage, since you can't channel the beam of awesomeness while moving :D
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Spend 48m on an MP5 Archon set then the left over 2m on an SNS set when you wanna play with your friends.

Yes, it is that cheap.
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