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Almost complete CMWW, some help needed

Trying to get 5k DPS more so I can hit the 300k mark. I know my skills might be slightly different compared to many CM's but I love the set up. I used Shocking Aspect for a while but it just wasn't for me.

I know my Chants could be better if I dropped the CD and got a socket one, but I'm trying to save up to get something that is 200+ million otherwise it just isn't worth it. Other than that, let me know what item I should change in order to get more DPS without sacrificing stats.


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upgrade all your gems and get a 200+int version of your source and getting high int cc cd ias gloves getting some cd on those gloves of yours would be sweet.
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I think upgrading the gems will be enough to top 300k DPS. It's only 5k.

God damn! His bracers are pretty hot!
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Haha thank you. Yeah I want to upgrade gems but I'm being stingy as fudge since I want an expensive chant with OS . I only had to craft 3000 bracers to find those aha. Dps is !@#$%^-, never have enough
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I'm hovering around 200~230k DPS since I switch to meteor a lot. Loss of DPS but waaaayyyy more fun that SNS with teleport.

lol... just saw you wand... yeah... even mine is slightly better :p

Are you looking for a 1100+ 1.65 OS Chant's? That's when prices jump a bit. Believe me, I've looked around for years for one that within my budget.

Hang on... just looked at your gear properly.. there are a few holes. Tal's chest has a reduced level requirement... wasted slot. Your gloves have no CD... your amulet has low CC... they're all upgradeable slots.
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How in the hell can you stand to run with no movement speed at all? Running with only 12% is torture for me(which is why I always maintain 24%), and you are not using Teleport for added mobility either. But, to each his own I guess.

Check into a better Will and Tals armor with an added vitality roll instead of the level reduced requirement as your hit points are a little low. Those gloves and rings could be really good if the Mystic can do what we are hoping, and the Tals chest for that matter. That is gonna be a long ways off though, and nothing about the mystic has been set in stone either.
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Ah word. Yeah I'll look for a new tals. The thing is that a new tals won't boost dps too much and mine is more than tolerable for the time being. Definitely upgrade it later though. I've been crafting gloves for about 3 weeks now since I just finally found my beautiful bracers so quinfecta is on the horizon.

As far as my chant goes, yeah it isn't the best. I wouldn't mind a 1.64 but do want to hit the 2.73 breakpoint so any bit helps. I just don't want to spend 100 mill on somethIng that is only a little bit better.

Realized I am only 295k with enchantress so I need 10k more dps however I did find some chant sources that boost me 5-9k for 100-150 million. At 50 currently so we will see. I really want to just buy gold RMAH but kind of discourage playing that way.

As far as move speed goes yeah I was use to a 124% DH for a while and wiz feels so slow but I've grown use to it. Luckily I've never played as a wotb barb so it doesn't feel too slow. I stand still as a cm so not so concerned with move speed. As far as upgrades go that is my least concern.

I'd rather upgrade gems last since it is 60-100 mil for all gems if I don't go marquise route and it is an easy upgrade.

After I craft gloves I am going to craft ammys but if it takes as many tries as it did for my bracers and as it is appearing for my gloves that's going to be a long and expensive journey.

Thanks for the help boys. I know I'm on a good track but everyone needs a second eye sometimes.
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Your EHP is very low. You need to address that problem before chasing any more dps IMO. You are at only 236K EHP. Glass cannon is only making the situation worse.
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