Diablo® III

Absent for 5months

I noticed my barb is incredibly weak. Any quick cheap fixes?
Also what has changed in the game?
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Hello Nephalem NightStalker,

With some jewelry/gloves rework, I think you can hit 2.5/2.5 BPs no problem.

Also a cheap fix thats a huge damage booster is MH. For a few mill you can land decent average damage, 50+ CD, OS on bid. Of course AH has been changing a bit since Xpac announcement so idk what they look like right now, but that should boost your tDPS substantially.

Also, you should crafting Vit shoulders, your Base vit and AR are low to be pushing MPs. Since you have LS on belt and OH, I'd swap BT passive for superstition for now until your AR/Vit is bumped. Then perhaps Brawler or another offensive passive.

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I don't believe anything has changed since you left.

"incredibily weak" is pretty vague. Your gear doesn't look bad. I think you could bump your health up to ~40k, and drop down to ~6.2 armor.

Also make sure your at a breakpoint with both your weapons. Personally I dislike getting IAS on weapons as you have in your MH because it inflates the weapons DPS artificially. Rend is one of your main dmg dealers and it is only based off weapon damage so IAS does nothing for it.

Also I wouldn't sacrifice overpower for rend. Instead drop bash. I assume you only use bash to gen fury in the begining of a run or when you die. This makes it a very wasted skill slot. Instead buy a bul-kathos's solumn vow. Swap to that weapon and hit boxes or mobs untill you have anough fury for battle rage. Use it then hit stuff again till you can sprint. As soon as you sprint you will gain fury crazy quick because your APS is super high with the sword. These swords are super cheap I picked one up along time ago with ~900 LOH and it keeps me alive pretty well While building fury.

Also try dropping either blood thirst or rend's blood lust. Having both is pretty overkill for your damage/defensive stats.
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Same here just getting back into play after a few months of playing, Any recommendations what I could do better to gear or dps higher?
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09/01/2013 10:19 PMPosted by NightStalker
I noticed my barb is incredibly weak

That's what happens when you stop liftin for 5 months.
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