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Advisable MP for a public game?

Hi everyone!

I just got back to D3 a few days back, and was really interested in reviving my wizard that i shelved off for quite some time. With what little gold I had, I tried gearing her something that could adequately make do with the CC/WW build.

I was just wondering at what power level would her current gear be advisable to join in? Alone, I could do MP 4 no problem. 5 is doable as well, though it does take time. I just want to take a full advantage of the bonus xp multipliers for full games, but on the otherhand, I dont want to be a burden on the party as well.

Any other advise is also appreciated

Character link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Bladeheart-6161/hero/35735620

Thanks and cheers!
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your gears could use some work like how you're not using nat boots with your nat rings, etc

your shoulders could be better. have you tried crafting int shoulders with demonic essence?

also, why are you using astral presence as cm?

your all resist is nonexistent. dps isn't a concern but public games have a habit with players checking other player's dps then kicking them off the game if low :(
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Hi Pichapie,

Thanks for the reply! Yeah, the shoulders and the boots are my next items on the purchase. I was really bad at getting gold before I stopped, and couldnt initially buy the Nat boots. For the shoulders, I'm also saving up for a vile ward, would that be a good alternative?

For Astral Presence - sorry was just playing with that before the shut down. I normally ran with evocation (read in a guide somewhere), but given my crit chances proc CM frequently already, Im planning to use Blur, and maybe Glass Cannon once I get my defenses up (yeah i know my AR needs some working).

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buying viileward is easier than crafting int shoulders since it depends on luck and of course you farming for demonic essences which is a pain. i still say go try crafting int shoulders, who knows right?
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I don't know... you're up against Diablo's RNG... it'd be less painful giving birth.

You can try Vit shoulders since an armor or AR roll will beat the ones you currently have for mit/EHP purposes.

I find it funny though... people checking out others' gear... I can understand in high MP games (especially MP10), but in low MP games, there is no point. Is ePeen of that level really important?

As long as you are freezing everything, I don't think they'll care all that much, even if your DPS is lower than everyone elses'.
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My experience has been lvl5 is a good point, hopefully you get buffs from other players they welcome the freeze you bring. I would recommend to buy viles for now so u can get the all res and armor to help with staying alive and as you climb the paragon levels retrofit accordingly. Keep reading look at what the others are doing and enjoy the wizard after all it`s supposed to be fun.

Welcome to our world
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