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I've been hearing about eHP lately, and people said that is what bases on which MP you can survive. I was curious what the #'s are on that. As in how much eHP do you have to survive certain MP.

With 344,836.81 what MP could i survive?
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I'd say you should be good up to MP5. You've got some good pieces in place, but you need to get new Inna's pants with as much vita as your budget allows. That will also let you focus on DPS with your rare ring, because the one you are using now is offensively anemic. Crafting level 63 bracers, amulets, and gloves (bracers first) will also give you a big boost with a little luck. What I am saying is that you are not that far away from being able to do MP6 or MP7.
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Keep in mind a couple of things regarding ehp:
-ehp does not include OWE. In your case, that's ~130 more res. That number can easily go up with a few gear changes (for ex gloves, helm, shoulders, bracers).
-ehp does not consider your DPS and your LS. A character with 200k DPS and 6% LS will have MUCH easier time than someone with 100K and 3% LS. This is where your char is definitely lagging behind. To run single lifesteal, you need to be quite tanky (think 5K armor + ~700 AR as a generalization)

Grab vit innas pants like AZsnow suggested, and definitely grab a Nats ring to replace the rare. The 2 set bonus itself will pay off handsomely.

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eHP is a tricky subject.

While I your use of D3Up to calc your eHP does make it significantly more accurate than it would be otherwise, it is still only a helpful number not a determinant number.

The problem with eHP is that it may vary so wildly based on your play-style and based on the specific content you want to clear.

For example, TianZi routinely plays in MP10 with about the same eHP as you because he is very comfortable with a playstyle that involves not getting hit.

Another good example is: You could almost certainly clear some zones in Act1 at a MUCH higher MP than other zones. If you do Festering Woods, there are no crazy monster types and tanking will be fairly easy.

If, instead, you try Fields of Misery, you are going to get 1 shot by charging cows all day long.

For these reasons, it is VERY hard to see an eHP number and predict a MP level comfort level.

I recommend simply trying it. If you do MP4, for example, and die in 1 hit to something, you probably need to drop it down.

Good luck!

-Druin, the happy monk
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09/03/2013 12:27 PMPosted by Druin
For these reasons, it is VERY hard to see an eHP number and predict a MP level comfort level.

If there was an easy way to calculate life returns you could concievibly break everything down into:

Mitigation %
% life regen /sec

Those three figures would tell you how well you can take small and large hits as well as your ability to heal the damage they do.
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