I found a socketed amulet with a level requirement of 60, and it got me thinking... Why don't level requirements reflect the quality of the items? Would lowering the level requirements for mid-quality item drops in inferno improve the overall usefulness of items? (And maybe even help differentiate between the endless piles of garbage?)

In D2, I knew a dimensional blade was better than a crystal sword, and a phase blade was better still. A rare dimensional blade could be useful for a mid-level character, while I knew elite stuff was the only way to go fo max power. There was a sense of progression, where the level required to use an item corresponded with the power of the item and where that item would drop. In D3, I have no idea what the names are for different item types, I only ever see items as "bow" "sword" "armor" or whichever slot it takes up. The names and artwork for items mean nothing to me anymore; only the stats matter.

This sense of identity for the items is lost even more when I have to scan through the randomized buffs on dozens of rares, salvaging items with bonuses which might be useful to a lower level character (and I'd love to post it on the auction house for them, at super cheap prices), but which would never be useful enough when the level requirement is 60. And because every item found in inferno has a max level requirement, there's never any possibility that anyone else could use it.

So why aren't level requirements bound to the enchantments, rather than item level? Would that hurt the game somehow? I enjoy both re-making characters (which kept me addicted to D2 with each ladder season) and giving lower-powered items to people who are still making their way to the top (which had me excited for the auction house, as an organized way to help out other people instead of making games called "Freeeeeeeee!"). People who ignore all those less-than-godly uniques could still ignore them, but for those who might be able to use them, it would be helpful. Yet when semi-decent stats roll on max-level gear, what's the point? It seems to me like this is contributing to the sense of overwhelming numbers of useless items. High-end players may need perfect rolls for an item to help them improve, but everything else shouldn't be complete junk.

Or are there no more mid-level characters out there? Is everyone at end-game content now? Does the lack of level requirement for gems (which seems crazy, considering I can add 100 dmg to a lvl 15 weapon without increasing the level requirements while necklaces can roll a single socket in inferno and be "too powerful" for a level 15 character to use) make this complaint superfluous? And if everyone's already at max level, will there perhaps be a "required paragon level" introduced which divides lower-quality inferno gear from high-quality stuff?