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Doing high MP Ubers without CM spec

Surp dawgs,

I just finished lvln my monk to 100 and back onto the ole puntzy wizard. Very important question and i think i might already know the answer but ill ask you wizards anyway.

I farm in archon and do not own any high AS gear or chantodos set. I do not like CM and dont have the gear to pull it off.

My dilemma, how ***@@*@*@ do wizards to ubers with using CM ????

Somebody enlighten me
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It should be possible (albeit clumsily) with sleet storm.
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I've done ubers with a high DPS archon wiz before. You still need fairly high attack speed to refresh archon quickly when it turns off, but it is possible. He probably would have had a harder time of it if I wasn't there freezing though.
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Yeah look im sure its possible, i have never tried it on mp10 but iv never tried it in a group either. THe only time i have done group ubers on my wizard i used a disintegrate spec and it was actually decent.

Had to buy an off hand with a bit of APOC and i used the arcane dynamo passive to help boost the dps, but it always falls back onto the same problem and that is we just need more lifesteal if we wanna do anything outside of archon.

I really like playing wiz and using arcane torrent and ray of frost-black ice but your limited to at most mp8 before you can really feel like anything that hits you is gonna be GG.

Well on the bright side, least we aint DH's
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ghom/rakanoth is a joke tho XD
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It's not easy, but it's possible. That's the basic build I usually use for groups anyway. It also works great if you have a CMWW in group, but then again, don't most builds?
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Invite a CM/WW to your group.
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This is kind of like Jack Links messin with Sasquatch commercials.
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Yems, I never had a grater laugh about this game before seeing this video... "The Throne is mine" is indeed the best I've seem so far... Thanks for this friday-morning laugh!

What gear did you bear when you did this ?

EDIT: Nevermind, I saw the video to the end. :)
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Well on the bright side, least we aint DH's[/quote]

I heard DHs are kinda good at ubers, able to solo MP10 ubers on a 6 mil budget.
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They generally don't and if they do, it's not pretty, especially with SB-Kulle. Otherwise, you need to play in a group and leech off their survival skills. And you're going to have a tough time doing mp10 with your archon when you hit your first nasty elite. That's why I see a lot more cm wizards than archons at higher mp levels. Good luck.
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