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need some advice

Kinda hit a wall not really sure what to upgrade or even if my gear is any good. or any advice in general would be helpfull
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okay so everything looks fine - but where is the loh or ls?

i think you might benefit from a better wand, maybe something in the 1.65 range with ls? but you will have to find more cd in other places then.

alternately go for a socketed 1.65 wand, and drop some ias for loh because i don't see any loh or ls anywhere in your gear and your gonna need it. so i would say go for a high loh ammy version of something similar to the one you have now and find a good loh ring that ar 8/6 ring can easily go for a loh ring instead.

now ar is also low so i would look for ar armor chest - actually if you can get 9ias on the ammy along with cc cd and loh you could probably rock the zuni chest and zuni ring to good effect.

anyway look for armor and ar on a few more pieces like the witching hour and chest. loh on teh ammy and ring (if you can find more ias (faster wand and ias ammy) you can potentially go with a zuni chest and ring)
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I don't understand why you're using Blizzard in this build.

And no Life on Hit. Where is your sustain? And like Amos said, your AR is low.

Bike shorts on top of the movespeed you have from boots and Lacunis? Why? Do you really need bike shorts for the attack speed that you could get somewhere else?
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I would say get your CHD up higher. You need some LOH. LOH is amazing with nados. and you do not need blizzard... you are better off trading that for either energy armor or storm armor.

And this is debatable but my personal preference for nova is deep freeze. the flat damage of nados is not that high in retrospect for 15% to be as beneficial as the crit. with a 250k non crit hit, bone chill ads 37500 hit, but a crit over a non crit would be substantially higher, especially if you got your CHD up. If you added some LOH you could trade blood for Conduit if your APOC is low, ELectrify would pretty much do the dps that bone chill does, or you could use Venom if you are doing higher MPs and dont kill everything within seconds.

CMWW is great with even 1200 LOH... You can have entire maps stacking on you and you can just facetank everything.

I was in a pub mp10 last night with 2 Barbs and a cyclone monk. Likely the best pub group I have ever been in... barbs would run and gather mobs, monk would stand on me and cyclone spam, I did my thing... best run ever. cleared entire act 3 in like a half hour.

Edit: Regarding the 15% increase, Though it applies to everyone, it depends, I use bone chill for ubers but nothing aside from ubers lives long enough to not enjoy the extra crit to perma freeze better. I use pinpoint barrier and deep freeze and fully buffed sit at around 80% crit, Sometimes it almsot feels like cheating when you just spam nados, and 1 2 3 for EB, DS, and FN... just wait for everything to die because it is just sitting there.... frozen in time
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