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Wave of light VS palm

I see a lot of monks using Wave of light, but personally I use Exploding palm the flesh is weak, because I like the 12% damage and the explosion damage while I hate the knock back on wave of light.
So what advantages does WoL have over EP the flesh is weak?
Does the 12% extra damage from the rune effect all players or just me?
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It effects all playes, but the explosion damage is reduced to 10% of a monsters max HP in a party of 4 IIRC.

WOL can do mass single target damage in SOLO and i never play solo without it, that said I never use WoL in groups.

If you are using EP + overawe you will need to use quickening or it's simply not worth casting EP as you will drop perma 3s mantra spam.
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As I've played with both, I tend to favor WoL FOR the knockback (solo play) since it opens up avenues of escape and has massive burst damage that be called upon in a moment's notice. EP is a great skill, it easily clears mobs and has to potential to quickly shorten an Elite battle, downside is that against a single opponent or an Elite mob it's usefulness isn't as great (until you kill the first minion/champion, then it's great!). Mostly I think it comes down to farming efficiency, in which case I think WoL takes EP. Group play, EP is more valued I think.

The 12% is applied to the enemy and all damage it recieves, regardless of who does the damage.
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WoL: Empowered Wave + CS: Eye of the Storm.

I like this because it allows quickening more monsters for critical hits/spirit. Groups rounded up with TR and CS, then bells. For me the CS controls the WoL kb and it's very fun/efficient.
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why not use all of them: WoL, EP, and CS? I do a lot of the time and they work well in groups.
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09/02/2013 08:36 PMPosted by WhiteWalker
why not use all of them: WoL, EP, and CS? I do a lot of the time and they work well in groups.

Because you are wasting a skill slot.

EP costs 40 spirit, WOL costs minimum 40 spirit, CS costs 50 spirit.

How will you be able to effectively channel these skills and keep 3s overawe spam constant? If you apply EP to a few mobs when they die everything on screen gathered should die, so there is no need for bells. I like to have blinding flash FiTL so that straight after I apply EP to a few mobs I cast FiTL and everything goes pop.
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I don't use Overawe. Not my style personally, I make up for it with these combos. Jut my personal preference though.

Usually a monk in game with overawe on anyway so I can use circular. And I use the CS with 30 spirit.
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Transgression is really the only other mantra of use in group play though.

Circular breathing is not helping the team.
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Well it helps me get more spirit which helps the team by spamming CS, WoL and EP.
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09/02/2013 11:58 PMPosted by WhiteWalker
Well it helps me get more spirit which helps the team by spamming CS, WoL and EP.

I completely agree, whats more valuable, little bit of attack speed, and a little bit of damage based on rng, or being able to spam CS and keep the flying critters from getting away, drag back goblins, and reposition elite packs out of ground effects and being able to knock back lock entire elite groups against walls. the extra spirit can go along way if you stack it.
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which I do :) 20ish spirit
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The uses of WoL for me is to stun, to regen full hp, to 1 or 2 shot some annoying mobs like the cow and tree in field of misery.

Tried Exploding Palm, don't really like it cause I tend to click on the wrong mob.
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I farm MP10 using a variation of the TR/WoL build made popular by Druin and others. EP is a big part of that. My build is best for farming massive packs of mobs and without WoL I'd be in trouble against elites.. I TR to gather up around 50-100+ enemies and then EP away (which reminds me of my old wow lock's seed of corruption) and once one goes off the chain reaction is great. You get great xp bonuses and clear large areas very fast. The downside is that (at least with my gear) elites and bosses take longer. I've found that I have to be very careful with EP around reflect mobs because you can instagib yourself if you EP at the wrong time.
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