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Back to wizard WD on MP10 was boring

Hey all , Back to playing Wizard again . Every few months ill sell my gear and start over playing one of my Classes that i haven't played in a minute.

I very much need some help before i pull my hair out here...

Back when Paragon first came out that's when i played my Wizard ive been reading the Guides and all but that can only help so much i figured i would ask for some opinions .

I want to play HIGH mp and decimate like i do on my WD on MP10 with the same gearset... But when i switched the gear over to my Wizard i can hardly play MP6...

I'm currently trying out archon since i have never had the chance to try it out and since i had a Triumivate and a Black Main hand i figured why not since i don't have the gold to buy any CM gear APOC gear.

I am at 250k Damage , 700 + AR , 1.8 AS , 40k + life .

Please check my profile out and see if you can spot what i am messing up on , Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Also if you know a Build i could run more efficiently than the build i am playing now please share .

I am unaware of any new 1.08 builds and so fourth .
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My WD COB handles MP10 much better than my Wiz. With all the buffs and the awesome Dmg from COB, he destroys everything and I only die if I do something stupid. Expecting a Wiz to do the same thing just by swapping gear over is a lot to ask. With your attack speed that low, you should try the Sleetstorm build since I believe it doesn't require a lot of AS. I have watched some videos of it and it seems like a lot of fun. I can't remember if you need Apoc to run it or not.
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I see what you're saying that's why when i swapped over i went MP7 and had to move down to MP5 i don't see why the huge MP drop though , I could understand 1-2 or maybe 3 MP but not 5.
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Sleet storm is basically just a weaker version of CoB...it'll be even more frustrating for an incoming WD to warm up to.

What you're lacking for archon is just straight up damage. You're going to want 400-500k territory buffed for mp9, 500-600 for MP10.

Don't use teleport archon nor evocation, go with improved archon and glass cannon. The goal is to have it up constantly above everything else. Drop the ruby for an amethyst, I'd highly doubt your witch doctor could handle anything in MP10 with only 31k either. Your trium doesn't need apoc either. Get one with vit and (a lot) more damage.

FWIW, when I put my wizard gear on my wd, the effectiveness is somewhat similar. Both can do MP9 easily but 10 uncomfortably. Wizard kills trash much faster, WD kills elites much faster.
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Am not capable of mp9-10 on my wiz, but am comfortable in mp8 with a group (my dmg is a bit low for mp8 true, as I'm at only 200k dps w/o 25% buff from archon and 20% from cold blood) but I have the EHP to sit in middle of packs without a permafreeze wiz, with arcane beams / plague / molten and not have to move (except shielding / knockbackers / freezing).

AS is not very important for archon, you should mainly focus on cc / cdam / %elemental dmg + black weapon, as you will spend 90% of your time in archon and not spamming living lightning / nova etc.

We don't have burst damage, we're like an AoE dot (that's how I look at archon beam) that deals damage constantly to a lot of enemies, and this damage can get quite high depending on your gear (check Jaetch video on Archon guide to see what his wizard can pull off), with my gear I'm seeing top 1mil ticks (not counting the extra damage from the 1 ability the aoe blast thingie which you will spam non stop pretty much and adds quite nice small aoe dps).

WD kills way faster elites if the elites are staying put (which doesn't happen always if you don't have a good setup - like doing PuB games), nor do they clump together without someone to pull and hold them in place.
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