Diablo® III

Ill be sad when they nerf the barb.

I personally never use ToC rune while playing 99% of the time... The only time I did use ToC was during Uber, especially Kulle's attack... Its a 100% death if u are caught in the bubble!

I find Barb very enjoying... So I guess if they were to nerf they should just deal with ToC and leave the rest alone...

I understand the part where Barb become 100% immune to CC, seen that is really abit unfair... For me I dun see a difference cos I still died from multiple frozen orb

I guess the best way is to deal with the CC mechanic itself, Make all class certain immunities to the same CC once they are hit by one of the CC's affix, Frozen orb for eg, once u are hit u are immune to the another frozen orb for 5 secs. It give us at least some time to escape...
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Well whirlwind still has no hit detection, and they will still have insane move speed so dodging frozen orbs and positioning will be cake. Just cant faceroll tri cc packs gotta play and think like everyone else. And well do a little less damage, I like leap in place of wotb on console its a 5 sec cd the armor boost lasts 3 sec pretty sweet
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If they would lower WotB cooldown to 60 seconds instead of a whopping 120 seconds, then more people would use Insanity and probably the Bulkathos passive too (which nobody uses right now).
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Well I wonder if they are going to NERF the Monks? I am not a high end barb, but im getting better thats for sure, and love playing one. I think we should all wait and see, and you never know what they will do.
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I started from day 1 with a wiz and used to be a barb hater then i rolled one and i have to say i had the most fun i've ever had playing the ww barb i also dont understand why they dont just give other classes the skills and ability to feel OP like a barb instead of chopping away at the funnest class i and many others have found .
They have been nerfing from the start to try and balance the game but as you can see its not and never will be because people are always going to discover popular builds that catch on and wait for the nerf hammer to roll around to kill it . Insanity !
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I love playing the WW spec and will definitely be sad when it goes.

To those saying learn to play, I play plenty of other classes and when I feel like having to worry about positioning myself and avoid frozen orbs, I play those classes, when I just want to kill a ton of stuff and kind of turn my mind off and have fun, I play my barb.

Every game needs an aspect like that to be enjoyable for everyone. I don't always want to have to play in the style I play when I play a monk or wizard, sometimes I just want to kill tons of stuff and have fun.

Nothing wrong with that and with this nerf, if there's no replacement, I doubt I'll be playing much if at all. YMMV.
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