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Solution: PvE'ers in PvP games

So PvE'ers have many options to play and slay demons:
1) Join monster slaying games
2) Join Key runs
3) Play with friends
4) Play solo

and PvP'ers have 1 option:
1) Join brawling games

However, PvE people have been joining PvP games and running around killing demons and when a PvP guy joins one of these "brawling" games he is asked to leave...

My proposed solution (that will NOT affect PvE players, unless of course.... they are missing some brain cells) is that when a game is made as "brawling" it not only alows you to use nek the brawler for the scorched chappel. But the entire game becomes an open world PvP.

The reason this will NOT affect any PvE players, is that they already have the option to go to the scorched chapel in PvE games if they wish. However, now there will not be ridiculous ques for us PvP players joining 5-10 games before we find someone who actually wants to PvP....
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It is vexing when people do not PvP during a brawling game.

Open world PvP would be ideal, but it may take too much resources to get it going. They should at least give a PvE kick, even for the player who created the game, during brawling tagged games.
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Yes, this is very annoying. I think an easier solution would be to make Brawling tagged games allow PvP maps only (presently meaning scorched chapel only).
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Brawling should NOT be the default matchmaking tag. I honestly just can't get it through my head how these people manage to function though. If I wasn't familiar with matchmaking tags, the first thing I'd do is google "What is brawling in Diablo 3" before using that as my tag. I mean "monster slaying" is pretty self explanatory, yet these people are actively choosing "brawling" instead even though they clearly have no idea what it means. I just don't get it.
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09/06/2013 07:39 PMPosted by Kefka
yet these people are actively choosing "brawling" instead even though they clearly have no idea what it means. I just don't get it.

My guess is that they think brawling sounds cooler than monster slaying so they select it.
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Yes, in fact I am now convinced that many players simply don't know "brawling" stands for PvP. In several recent games I logged in, one of the players was doing quests and actually complained we were not helping! When I said he made a PvP game, he was surprised and stated it was not his intention.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
best solution would be to ditch the cool sounding tag to 'PLAYER VS PLAYER' for clarity.
simple fix
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