Diablo® III

Great Barb Gear Giveaway (now 4 sets!)

I think you should give me the gear because I'm a boss. The end.
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I think you should give me the set because i love potatoes !
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i think you should give me the set because im a barb
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i think you should give it to me cuz i was born on sept 8 :D
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Just look at my poor barb, you will feel bad if you wont give it to me 0:-)
Have a great day.. :D
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4hrs left. I'll post winners at Noon Eastern US. I should also note that as much I was would love to help people on non US servers all of my char. and gold are on US servers.
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p[ic ke cuzim n noob
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I think you should give it to me because I'm trying to be like my friend who passed away not to long ago. We used to play together all the time it feels like, him his barb, me my WD. We'd play in between matches of league of legends or when we were bored at night. I remember him being a funny guy always laughing and raging at those !@#$%^s who were terrible at leagues. I got to gold for him, now all that's left is to make my barb as good as his. So I can pass down the experience I had of someone being a lot better then me at everything an still being a really cool funny guy. If you knew the guy this would be so much easier to understand.
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To everyone with 150k+ Damage and no vit, change your gems the game will be a lot easier. Balanced stats will always be better than huge DPS and not vit/armor/res all.

Here are some videos of me playing with each set.
Set 1: http://youtu.be/elIEUL2YZfc
Set 2: http://youtu.be/elIEUL2YZfc
Set 3: http://youtu.be/lOiMLNsUUIE
Set 4: http://youtu.be/kbaCgNsa73g

1 hour till giveaway.
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I just started playing again, help out a fellow barb :)
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The hardest part of doing this, choosing the winners. I have to look at who needs the most help and who I think is most likely to help others. Several of you have better gear than what I'm giving away so it was easy to rule you out. From there it gets tough. I'll try to keep doing these and help whoever I can, but for this contest here are the winners.

Set #1 Twinsignal
Set #2 Joey
Set #3 thesinner
Set #4 raloyths

Please add me in game to pick up your set.
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thank you so much mr. josh! when i am gosu enough! my word is my bond!
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Thanks again Kamahl! I truly appreciate your generosity and patience! The gear was a big help, but so was your advice! Okay, on to the slaying of demons!
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Thank you so much Kamahl :) looking forward to doing some runs with my new set with you :)!
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7 Night Elf Druid
Posts: 247
Its nice to see some one like your self OP who is not greedy but wiling to help out.

Sorry to go off topic but you see so much greed in this game just looking at auction house along with how blizzard designed the poor crafting an drop rates.

I wish you honestly the best an hope you find another game or something else to keep you happy.
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