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i was thinking 2.9 but iuno if i can survive with it haha
09/07/2013 07:24 PMPosted by Backtrack
i was thinking 2.9 but iuno if i can survive with it haha

I don't know what MP level you are talking about.
That spear doesn't look like a mp 10 weapon to me.
nah atm i am looking for a weapon and offhand
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I'm quite frustrated WD after some time building it... Would really appreciate your advice on:

What items to upgrade to reach at least 250k SOJ sheet dps with the lowest possible breakpoint of 1.51 as a 1h build without sacrificing mitigation. (Currently at 230k-ish i think). I see a handful of people already reached this... Except a few with an insane aspd number claiming they can sustain it. -.-!

And a side quest...To solo mp10 ubers... SB's reflect almost instantly kills me... Even with Jungle fortitude, spirit vessel and horrify FA... The only time i can even hit SB is the 3sec window spirit walk gives...
You should be doing mp 10 already.
1. ruby => emerald on Skorn, you gain 3.5k DPS.
2. upgrade all your yellow gems
3. craft a better bracers (6cc) and gloves (get more Crit Dmg)

You can find various upgrade but will be expensive at this point.
After you get more vital on other gear, u can get a SoJ to extract more Dmg.
Or I would do a lot of Ubers to get a good Hellfire ring. Ez and cheap to get a ring upgrade from there.

you don't need Horrify. Change it to Locust, which lure all the mobs to you, for farming.
Try this build to see if u like it.


GF passive will make you run mostly above 200k in game, buffed by health globes.
Your gear is very good already.

You may get higher dps if you
1. upgrade your helm to get 6cc
2. craft a better bracers with 6cc
3. craft a crazy ammy
4. a even getter pox with no ias but higher DPS.
5. a even better weapon or mojo. That's hard and expensive... your mojo looks very good already.

Getting those upgrade above you may lose vital.
So end up you may need to get a better shoulders with life % to compensate for the loss.

There are a few ways to do that.
1. you can switch to a Lifesteal Skorn or switch your mojo to a shield
2. use a different build for ubers.
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Hi Luffy and other WD gurus, I've built my WD last week (after an entire career as CM Wiz) and wanted to ask whether I should try to dip to 1.51 aps (using a 8% WH would get me 1.512)?

Is there a noticeable benefit?

Been loving WD life. Coming from a CM wiz control perspective, it's nice to bludgeon things once in a while as a weapon of mass destruction. Gotta stop the twitchy fingers for mashing buttons too fast. =P
Thanks for the insight Luffy. I agree with you. Helm's looking to be the first one to go, bracer and vile ward's next... not sure if i can live without 20% dodge tho.... But yes... A new helm would net me around 4k more dmg... Need around 6k more, hopefully on my bracers...

I don't exactly know how well of souls works but i think i may be able to figure it out. Thanks again bro!
can you take a look? I know i'm missing lifesteal i'm trying to get a manajuma's but i'm not quite wealthy enough to afford a good one but any other suggestions/areas I could improve would be helpful :) looking to go cloud of bats over plague of bats if I can get the loh/lifesteal
nice gear!
your attackSpeed is at 1.5259
I personally don't think there will be a very noticeable difference lowering it to 1.51 in normal farming/para-leveling. It may be more noticeable if you pay more attention to crit numbers or when you kill the big bosses/ubers.
The breakpoints are good guideline for upgrade/gear purchases.
If you happen to have a 8% WH, go and use it.
If not, I would suggest you upgrade ur HF ring and mojo first. Those upgrade should be much more noticeable.
1. pay attention to the animation, do spirit walk
2. Mass confusion is the most effective skill. Paranoia rune gives u 20% dmg buff too.
3. I usually use pets to distract them. So I can spirit walk to the back and attack there.

For more suggestions, see this thread:
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Seems like you already bought the knife.
- From d3up.com, replacing a radiant star emerald to a RS ruby on the knife, you gain 6.6k dps.
- Your armor, all resist, vital are low. Overall Ehp need upgrade.
Craft shoulders to get more int, vital with all resist
Craft bracers to get all resist
Get an upgrade on your hellfire.
Get a better pants with high all resist/armor/int/vital with 2 sockets.
Meanwhile, i suggest u put a purple gem on helm and mojo for now till you get better upgrade on EHP.
For EHP upgrade, feel free to drop all those pickup radius(PUR). Firebat CoB works with even 0 PUR since grave injustice has build-in 8 yard.

- build
use lifelink dogs instead, give you extra 10% EHP.
Thanks Luffy. I've got a pretty nice rare ring in storage, just using the hellfire for levelling. I'll go have a look - may not change the mojo though, kinda like the mad hp pool heh.
What I should upgrade?


I can do mp7 inferno now, but very carefully. Here is my build: I use firebat to clear white mob and zombie bear to hit & run facing elite, boss. Use fireball to kill ranger white mob. When I out of mana, I spirit walk and throw spider to make more mana regeneration.

I am returning from a long break away from D3 and wanted to pick up WD. They used to be the least popular class, and I think that was one of the reason i liked playing them. I used to really enjoy running poison dart a lot too.

I would greatly appreciate it if you gave me a starting point. For example, I don't know what builds are viable any more or what gear I can buy on a 15m budget. I would like to be able to do mp3-5 if possible. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you. I will continue to look on these forums for builds.
armor is abit low (I prefer 3500), but not too bad.
All resist and vital look good.

Try to craft bracers and also get a better rare pants with higher armor.
Upgrade your skorn to get skorn DPS over 1350 if possible (w/ life steal 5.6 and high crit DMG)

fireball won't be able to kill much in high mp games.
spidermaker need more attack speed to be effective. Not good for skorn user in general.
Many players like using bear and Firebats. But w/ bear, you may need more pickup radius (at least 1 gear piece with 7 yard). CoB works without any PUR on gear.

See if this build works better for you in farming:

Use Locust to get mana from mobs, get dps buffs from health globes.
Locust can lure the mobs to you and you can just keep CoB running at one spot, not need to run for the mobs.

There are alot of suggestion and video you can look at from PaulNg and he is a skorn user.

There is a stickied thread with the most popular build. There is also a thread made by paulng giving the progress through cob from new doc to end game doc.
U basically have pb,cob,zero dog, and bears to choose from for high mp farming. If ur interested in bats I suggest looking into puals cob thread.
15 mil isn't a lot to upgrade but when I try to look up ur doc to see what ur working with ur naked.


Easiest way to upgrade is try ur luck at crafted shoulders u could get some nice rolls.

Amythest in the helm over ruby everytime if ur running mp10 that's a big ehp gain right there.

U could try crafting gloves to. Look for something with int cc CD armor or all resist and vit even if u have to drop the ais. U will gain a good amount of ehp and if u roll like 230+ int it will be close to evening out dps with the loss of the ais. And it prob won't hurt u to bad to lose that 1 piece of ais.
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