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Wondering if WW is still the way to go?

For farming, are most barbs still preferring the DW WW build?
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alot of mp10s i see are Skorn/Rending..i imagine if your uber rich and can afford a good Echoing/dagger LS offhand its still better..but for cheap mp10 abilities Skorn..anything else prob DW faster
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Really? Do they have higher burst damage? What is a common Rend build?
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I use a WW/Hota build... best way to go IMO. This build = fast and hit hard

and I prefer DW vs Skorn for the speed :)
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Lots of players will prefer dual wielding thanks to the quick attacks, shorter animations for attacks, and for me its mostly the quick healing i get back. Skorn is just too clunky im giving it a shot with some exotic builds and gear but its not worth the amount of gold it costs to collect half the gear im messing with atm lol.

Anyways my favorite setup is basically a DW take on the rend farming, i use a high dmg main hand for my rend dmg, but i use bash/wrath/battlerage/passives instead of OPKS like a lot of streamers are using. OPKS allows you to continue to WW while using the ability so theres stop and go that u have to deal with when using bash instead, some players prefer not to bother with the stop and go style. Ive seen dual wielders run OPKS and ive run with slow and fast skorns using the bash variation.

Theres also the hybrid builds like the one oldschool says he likes. I loved using a hybrid build but feel u have to balance your damage and divide the attention/gearing between 2 skills which id rather not do. I already have to manage WW/RLTW dont wanna throw hDPS into the mix. Mind you it feels very efficient and is extremely fun to play thanks to the accurate super high dmg output in between ur WWing that u can get away with.

Since i change my builds around and am constantly tweaking and trying new things ill be linking my d3up build i use for dual wield rending, then ill also leave a link using my lower level barbs build i last used for running OPKS. Keep in mind im not a fan of stacking too much LS usually and LS skorns just arent my style, call me crazy XD

approx tDPS 2.7m vs whites (exotic tyraels build low ehp/high LS)

approx rends at 470-490k if not higher (buffed)
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Thanks for the info, guys! With HotA, is it something you spam as a fury dump when WW to keep WotB going? Or, alternate between that and Sprint?
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I loved using an SoJ for HoTA, i got to keep the cold elemental damage for WW that can snare mobs, and having just -5 fury cost for HoTA i managed to make it dump and regain my fury and keep me about even. Sometimes id end up with a bit less fury, sometimes a bit more. Traditionally yeah HoTA would be a fury dump, people usually stop, spam it, then continue WWing. I do the same but whether im using that soj or not i still keep a good balance of fury/fury-dumps. I dont need HoTA as a fury dump but it sure helps.
I pretty much use the HoTA as my free ability slot for most my builds.
I picked up OPKS months and months ago in place of war cry and since then its been my free slot. Ill run with rend there usually, somtimes OPKS will take the slot, or HoTA if i feel like using HoTA.
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