Diablo® III

Experienced Console Data Loss/Corruption?

Playing offline only
5 profiles, only 5th profile has had the issue of all characters in profile being lost (has happened 3 times now). Each of the three times this has occurred has been after unplugging the PS3 to go to a different location. Upon reconnecting the PS3, all profiles remain unharmed except this one.

The only thing I see different in his profile is his character name has matched his profile name each time (Branden). We updated to patch 1.0.2 today and created another character with a different (default) name. Thus far, we have been able to unplug the PS3 and the data remains.
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My husband and I have been playing Diablo III--and LOVING the game btw--for a few weeks now. We are educated, working, professional people who play on our down-time. We spent a lot of our Christmas vacation playing. We, like SO many others, are now having corrupted data issues.

Info for Bllizzard, since the existing Patch has clearly not entirely solved the problem:

We are playing on the PS3 with the 1.0.2 patch and saving to the PS3 drive. We've never had a corrupted save on any other game in the 5+ years we've owned the system. Given the facts, it would be wildly irrational to presume that this is a problem with our console, or a problem that Sony would be able to resolve.

We have been playing in Multi-Player mode (2 characters with an occasional third), and my husband lost his Level 23 character (Barbarian), who was the Primary Player, to a corrupted save. My character (wizard) was/is perfectly fine, but I'm starting over again because my husband has to and how fun could it be for him playing with someone 20+ levels ahead??

We've experienced only one freeze/crash, but that is where the problem occurred. There was a brief "glitch" just prior to the 2nd Act (beginning) video, with an Error message (didn't record the #). The game froze and we had to shut down and restart the system. Upon restarting, everything seemed fine. We continued play and my husband advanced 2 levels. We waited for the auto-save "D" to appear and finish in the corner of the screen before exiting the game via the menu and shutting the system down in the proper manner.

The next evening, after work, we excitedly started the game to resume playing...only to find that my husband was back to Level 21 and had lost all of his gold and equipment--including several new Legendary items. We were NOT pleased. It set us back to where we had started the night before, but despite frustration we carried on. We finished the night in the same manner, and even checked the save (in-game, not in the Saved Data utility) and it seemed to have worked. Next evening, we discovered that he was AGAIN back to Level 21. After looking at the Saved Data utility we discovered the data was corrupted; it could not be copied to a USB.

At this point, I had discovered this forum, and we decided to start over with brand new characters. We deleted the corrupted save before creating new characters, which I think is critical. Despite loving the game-play, we are very unsatisfied customers at this time. Our message to the folks at Blizzard is as follows.

To Whom It May Concern:

Intermittent data corruption is very obviously a problem with the auto-save feature/process of the Diablo III software, and at most an issue of software-hardware interaction. It is clearly not a problem that can be solely blamed on the PS3 hardware or hardware-user negligence, or fixed via those means.
The vast majority of PS3 users are acutely aware of the sort of user errors that can cause data corruption etc. on the hardware side (i.e. by not exiting a game properly, or by interrupting a save). Obviously, Blizzard cannot be held liable for that class of problems.
But given the epidemic nature of this issue among Diablo III players, user and/or system error is plainly not the problem here (at least in the vast majority of cases). There is a reason you don't see threads like this one in forums for other games (i.e. where there is not something glitchy/defective in the save process of the game). This is not user error, and this is not a hardware problem.
Seriously. It's not.

Corrupted data is a serious risk for gamers. It can happen, and can cause major losses and frustration for someone who has invested a lot of time and energy into progressing a video game character. They have chosen to put their precious free time into this activity, and are highly invested in retaining any progress/gains they make.
Losing saves is a very. big. deal. for gamers. Serious gamers, casual gamers (like my husband and I), anyone who puts a substantial quantity of their free time into a video game must be able to trust that their progress will be saved. Otherwise, anxiety and frustration can, and will, completely ruin their experience of the game.
Gaming companies should, and most do, understand that very basic principle. That is why most games are specifically designed to allow their users/players to create multiple, alternating saves in multiple, alternating locations on the drive. Once in a blue moon, for no apparent reason at all, a save gets corrupted because of some strange constellation of factors that are hard to pin down. And once in a blue moon, for unknown reasons beyond the player's control, a certain game is prone to creating corrupted saves. In these rare instances, being able to create multiple, alternating saves in multiple, alternating locations, is crucial.
We had one game about a decade ago that we had this same problem with (on our PS2) on a chronic basis. Loving the game otherwise, what we were able to do in that case was alternate our saves between four different save slots. When, once in every dozen or so saves, a save came up corrupted, we were able to just revert to the prior save and it wasn't the end of the world. We maybe lost one out of every 20 hours of play. It was a hassle, sure, but not a total game-killing catastrophe.
In my experience, PS3 gamers rarely rely on one, single save slot for all of their character saves. It is fairly standard practice to alternate between two or more save slots. This is how players protect themselves against the potential nightmare of losing whole games/characters. Because data corruption does sometimes happen, however rarely. One bad experience in the past teaches most of us to err on the side of caution when it comes to backing up our investments in video game character development.
My husband and I haven't experienced a corrupted save for ten years or so, but we still have multiple save slots for all of the other games we play. It's a good habit, and it would have served us extremely well in this instance!...if we had been given the option.
So please understand: the frustration people are having with this auto-save feature is that Diablo III users have been stripped of their power to create multiple, alternating saves. And, of course, in the one game where we are unable to do that, we are getting corrupted save issues! It's like the Perfect Storm. Under these circumstances, forcing the Auto-Save feature onto players is like handcuffing the occupants of a sinking ship.

Because of the Auto-Save, and the fact that it constantly overwrites in a single location, forcing the player to put all their eggs in one basket (as it were), an issue that would be an especially obnoxious glitch in any other game with normal, manual saving, has morphed into an oppressive, game-ruining flaw in Diablo III. The combination of intermittent saved data corruption and the forcible concentration of all progress onto a single, overwritten save location, is really a total disaster for players. This needs to be acknowledged by Blizzard (internally at least), and dealt with accordingly.
Video gamers are used to irritating software glitches. We are used to working with, and around, them. But in this case, we have been completely disempowered. Hence the extreme and overwhelming frustration and anger being vented in this forum.

I feel like there is such an easy fix here, at least for the purpose of damage control until a truly effective patch can be devised. Others have recommended this, and I am going to recommend it again. Fervently. Vehemently. And with specific qualifications.

Diablo III needs to enable a manual save with the option to create multiple saves in multiple, alternating locations. To maximally insure our game progress against the software defect that makes saved data corruption a significant possibility (if not an inevitability), players should at least be empowered to choose not just when to save our game, but more importantly where on the drive (i.e. which slot) and how many (different) save slots to use to save/back-up our progress at various points. This will not solve the problem of intermittent data corruption, but it will at least maximize players' ability to manage the risk caused by the defect in whatever way works best for them.

Honestly, Blizzard, this would be worth a hundred patches in terms of giving your players/customers some much-needed insurance and peace-of-mind. And although I'm no tech wizard, I can't believe it would be that hard to design such a change.
As it stands now, that little spinning "D" is like a pulled trigger in a game of Russian Roulette; you find yourself saying "don't be corrupted. don't be corrupted." It's insanity. At least if you have another save from 30 minutes ago, the stakes go from EVERYTHING to a meager 30 minutes of play time.

I know Diablo III is one of many games Blizzard is trying to support and debug, and this is one of many issues you are dealing with. But I assure you: if you empower your customers/users a little to manage this problem themselves by enabling a manual save with multiple save locations/slots, it will be the fastest, easiest turnaround of customer attitudes you could possibly achieve at this point. It's a great game! People want to play it! But your customers are walking away angry because they have no power to protect themselves against this flaw.
On the other hand, if you continue to leave your customers'/users' hands tied behind their backs while this defect continues to ruin the experience for more and more players, you should definitely worry about a permanent loss of company reputation among gamers at the least, and legal action against you at the worst. Until people have some way to insure their saves, the corrupt save defect is fatal in terms of viable playability. Refraining from an open admission of accountability will only get you so far.

As for us, we are at least backing up our saves every night to a USB. This protects us because PS3 won't copy a corrupted save to the USB. But that's only an option for PS3 users, and only provides one save for every four hours or so of play and is very inconvenient. So I will be awaiting any sort of improvement of your save feature. Eagerly.

Thank You.
: )
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Alright for those out there, who say it can happen It can, it happened I lost everything my character's, loot, items the works i lost my whole account to corrupted data, I have a Lvl 60 Barb 13 paragon, And I play on the PS3 console, I was playing stonefort and whirlwinded into the middle of a group , It froze not for the first time but i reset console like always, It happened in the middle of an Autosave, and now it's Says my save data was corrupted I am !@#$ing pissed right now,

PS3, HDD, version,, Single player,
I am primary player no one else plays it,
COMPLETE DATA CORRUPTION you %^-*!@#s $%^-in hate blizz!!!

this is not right. 300k Barb dps gone Sigh!!!!

I have put 200+ hours into the game since i got it, and my save file is still in my system with the right info, but i cannot access it, Is there anyway at all that i can get my character and stuff back, If not i am throwing this !@#$ing game in the garbage and telling blizzard to go %^-* themselves the useless cocksucking pieces of !@#$
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- Xbox 360 slim reach edition
- HDD 250GB
- 1.0.2
- Single-player/multi-player online
- ACT III (various location)
- Primary player
- Gold Account
- Item loss: the entire run

The issue is always the same: the screen freeze, the sound tick every second or so. I remove the disc and the xbox return in dashboard without problem. Then it's obvious it's not a system crash but a game crash.

Another information: after finishing a run in Act 3 at Inferno I noticed that the areas previously explored are reset, all the mobs are respawned (except Azmodan); this can be done infinitely if you are lucky and the game won't crash. it's very strange becouse this happens only in Act 3. I seriously think that it's connected with the freezes.
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Platform: Ps3
Save Location: HDD
Game version: C1.0.2.19470
Player Configuration: Multi-system Multiplayer (online game)- Specific (Online)
Account type: Primary User (I only play)
Extent of data corruption: complete Data Corruption
More Information: I was playing online with a freind and then my Ps3 was frozen (right when a auto save occured) Waited awhile to see if it would reboot it did not turned off my ps3 then it kept telling me the files are corrupted so i tried starting a new game created new character and when i went to go play the game again i had lost that new character and i am unable to even start new characters without them being deleted. (I was the host of the game previously) I had a lot of time put into the game. Some help would be very great.
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I am having same problem as FLAMECHAMP at the beginning of the thread. I dont freeze but my barb will get stuck and all i can do is back out and try again but it usually happens again. Pathetic Blizzard.
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Lost Character act 1 nightmare mare due to a Lag Spike that Stop my whole Console.
Multi-system multiplayer (online game)
Lan/Find Game
I started the game
Extent of Data Corruption:
Full Character Lost

Error 8002B403
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Be thankful you're not me :

Just had a game freeze with a level 26 WD (HC).

...restarted PS3....and everything is gone :

Level 60(6) Wiz (HC)
Level 59(6) Monk (HC)

...plus 6 other chars all mid 50's.

I bought the PS3 specifically 3 months ago to play the 'best' version of D3.

I'm so overjoyed at the moment that I could weep...
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ps3 / hdd / 1.0.1/ single-player / primary user

game has frozen on me a few times before where a system reset was required. after one particular freeze, when i loaded up my game i was greeted with an error message. i was able to continue playing the game, but my characters cannot advance in level any more. when i quit out to the character select it looks like they have retained their progress, but i when i quit the game completely and reload they are reverted to their previous state.

i, however, appreciate this bug. i was spending more time on this game than i should have...now, unless there some way to fix the issue, i know ill never play this game again.
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I do not know how it started but now every time i enter a game that error pops up Error 8002B403. No matter how long I play or how many times it saves, when I exit for the day and re-enter the game the next day, all of my progress is gone.

I basically cannot play right now. I was planning on buying the new version on ps4 but until this is fixed I am staying away. If its not fixed by the time Elder Scrolls Online comes out I will probably be done with Diablo for good(left the PC version a while back). Just wish I had not purchased the game as a download =( very sad panda.
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Seriously, no one from blizzard is going to say something? "we are sorry" it would be a good start
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Was on a typical mf run when game froze during load screen in A2 from oasis to waterway. Had to hard reset ps3, reopened game and behold, corrupt data. I lost 5 characters and all items (Wizard 60/Demon Hunter 60/Monk 60/Barb 60/Witch Doctor 55/paragon 31). Hours...hell, probably months of gameplay gone in an instant. This had happened previously when game was first available and I had only one low level character. The loss was just an item and gold, so I didn't make a fuss over it. I should have learned my lesson then. The autosave for this game is terrible. BACK UP YOUR FILES PEOPLE! Anger and frustration are the end results if you don't. My husband and I enjoy playing together in our down time, but I fail to see the point in restarting from the beginning just to experience loss again.
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I made an account to rant but after reading the comment before this. I just decided to not play this game anymore. Bought it more than a week ago and have been playing 5-8 hours a day. And I have just killed the prime evil inferno mode using a monk at master II level all the way. It was quite a challenge and I have died many times along the way. I have updated the jeweler and blacksmith to max and have just gained some high level legendary plans and got marqueese, if it's spelled like that. For emerald and topaz along with preceding plans. My around 50+ hours. Lost forever and I'm losing minutes typing this. I'm gonna miss scoundrel's sassy !@# jokes that actually made me laugh. And the legendaries I equipped on him which made him have better stats than me. I have just recently gained my first inna set part, and 2 of blaclthorne. I was so $%^-ing happy when I got it. And my sledge fists. My precious sledge fists each increasing attack speeds adds lots of dex, and has 30% + chance to stun. Both slotted. 1300+ base damage, I was effin in love with those two. But I quit forever. The ps3 froze while autosaving, inferno, act III, master V, because I was planning to farm. No choice but to do a hard reset. Then boom corrupted. I just turned my face down and turn the system off. I could have spent more hours because I'm loving it more, but this was such a turn off. Goodbye Asura the paragon 5 monk, with hands meant to crush the non-existing diablo's balls. Good bye.
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I know this not related to the topic, at least I think so, but when I try to play Diablo all I get a black scree, the pointer and the sound of the music, any ideas what I can do to fix this problem, be great for some advice.
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I play on PC and the other day I was playing on my 70 Barb and randomly DCed, I logged back in right after it and now my character is gone. Tried restoring incase the DC deleted it but it wasnt there. PLEASE HELP!
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PlayStation 3

Save Location:


Game Version (this is displayed at the bottom of the main title screen):


Player Configuration:

Mixed multiplayer (same-system and multi-system in the same game)

If multi-system, please specify game type:

LAN/Find Game

# of Players and Account Type of Each:

Account Types (full descriptions listed below):
1 Primary User (this account had their data corrupted)
2 Secondary Users

Extent of Data Corruption:

Complete Data Corruption (save file corrupted, all data inaccessible)

Anything else that you think may be important information. For example:

Did you experience host migration?
Did you power off during an autosave? the game froze, and after waiting for 10 or so minutes, the system was powered off. The autosave circle was not on screen.
Were you the host of the game when you lost data? Yes

The save file appears to still have data on the characters and the account, as the name of the heroes still appears when looking at the save file, but it cannot be loaded and it cannot be copied off of the ps3 to a USB. This resulted in loss of 2 level 60s with prestige in the teens, 1 59, and multiple other lower level heroes representing hundreds of hours of game play. Is there any possible way to recover this save file? Can you please fix this ongoing bug? I have been shocked at the decision by Blizzard to abandon support for the consoles, after having received good support from them in the past on their other products. To not even allow contacting customer support for issues with console games is a surprising turn for the worse in customer support that I did not expect from Blizzard. It would be encouraging to know that they are at least still monitoring this post, but it appears as if they are not. I hope I can be proven wrong.
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PlayStation 3

Save Location:

Game Version (this is displayed at the bottom of the main title screen):

Player Configuration:
Mixed multiplayer (same-system and multi-system in the same game)

If multi-system, please specify game type:
LAN/Find Game

# of Players and Account Type of Each:
Primary User
Share Guest

Extent of Data Corruption:
Full Character Loss (Hunter[55lvl])

Anything else that you think may be important information:
Playing in Hell mode, with Master V dificulty, on act I. I was the host, my husband and I. were playing same ps3 user account with two diferent char, one wizard and one hunter, wizard main char, hunter secondary char, and there was a friend with us, playing online, on different console (Mixed multiplayer = two same system, one on other system). we were playing and suddenly when the game was auto-saving, it freeze/crash, we waited, but nothing happen, so we restart the ps3, when we start the game again, it automatically load's my character, since its the main one, but when my husband tries to load his (hunter), it gives him a message of character data corrupted, we tried to load has many times possible but it says always the same, right know we are trying to still get it back, and at same time making a new one, to see what will happen. The friend who was playing with us, didnt experience anything, everything kept going for him, since he was playing online with us.

PS: this is only my opinion, i still love the game and we will keep playing it, but its really sad that this happens, bcs we dont have a lot of time to play, so when we do, we love it, but to something like this happens, in some way we can't enjoy the game has we did in the beginning because now we are alwasy think, will it crash, will we lose, not only one char but everything, im certain that Blizzard or Sony is doing what they can, and i only ask, to please keep in mind us players, professional or not, to at least get a way to get back our lost datas, if it is possible. Thank you and hope someone come up with a solution.

Best Regards.
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PlayStation 3

Save Location:

Game Version:

Player Configuration:

Players and Account Type of Each:
Primary User

Extent of Data Corruption:
Complete Data Corruption

Anything else that you think may be important information:
Game freezed/crashed during an autosave and had to reset my PS3. After starting Diablo 3 again, I got this message concerning data corruption (characters, items and stash) and I realized everything I had before was now gone.

I haven't heard about this problem before, till happened to me. And now I'm finding out that it had happened to many others as well and it's known issue from the beginning. Blizzard, did it even cross your mind to give a warning in-game concerning this "cool feature" about loosing your all saved data. It's little bit too late to backup your saved game now isn't it? I didn't know that I have to make a backup from my saved games, never had to before.

Clearly I was disappointed at the moment. Now I don't know what to do with the game anymore, because clearly I'm not starting from the very beginning. How about refund? It's a big disappointment to lose your characters and items in a game that is all about finding better gear for your character.

Where is the effort to warn gamers about this mistake of yours? Who tries to search for a probelm that they don't know to exist, till it happens to them...
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So.... there is no way to recover the data?

I lost 3 lvl 60 char and 1 lvl 52.... paragon lvl 8

and 2 hardcore.... lvl 46 and 32....

has anyone been able to recover his data? I cant explain how frustrated I am right now....

Is there any point in even explaining the circuntances that everything happend? becouse there havent been any aswered at all.

I would appreciate a lot if you could at least tell me that my data has no chance of been saved and i should delete it.

I really loved the game.... and this is.... it hurts....
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