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Experienced Console Data Loss/Corruption?

09/10/2013 05:12 PMPosted by Pariah
Not a single crash here, xbox version. I also whirlwinded for a good while in keeps 2, was fine.

Moral of the story... even with console, the only viable character is still barb.

Good job.
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Lylirra you might want to ask those who are affected which version of Xbox dashboard/PS3 (OS?) version they are using. Also whether its the older hardware xbox 360 / PS3 consoles people are using.
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Single Player Online/Matchmaking
Primary User - PSN User Name: ccoreyb

Item Loss: From Templar

I had 2 level 60 rings and a lvl 60 weapon. I had a Band of Untold Secrets and the Justice Lantern as the rings and an Empyrean Messenger. I did not have a relic on him at all and his shield was just some random decent stat Rare I had found that day. Both the other items were in my stash for the past few days, so honestly I do not understand how I lost them off my templar and it did not save it back into my stash. Quite baffled.

Kind of bummed my wife out because they were found on my Demon Hunter and had awesome Vit/Dex on the Untold secrets and the messenger so she could use at lvl 60. The Justice Lantern was epic.. but it was just for the templar.
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09/10/2013 11:28 AMPosted by Lylirra
corrupted save data

Corrupted angels and now even corrupted save data?

This must be Diablo's work...
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as far as duping goes, it doesn't compare to hex editing.

see the triple socket azurewrath


every godly drop on console is essentially worthless, thus no rmah/ah
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Lylirra can I suggest you the most common cause to maybe some corrupt game saves and that would be the auto save now if you can imagine the unfortunate luck of your console freezing up during an auto save more then likely you will reset your console only to find out your save just got corrupted. Now I know the auto saves are there for keeping progress and maybe mostly to try and deal with cheating such as dupes but that is already being done. So here are some suggestions

1.Remove the auto save or make an option to disable it and create a save option so user can manually save.

2.Not sure how the PS3 version works but on the Xbox 360 I noticed you guys made the save move only change that so you can copy also so you can make a backup to cloud or USB because if that is in place to prevent hacks I know a way around it and sure many other people do so its not needed.
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Similar issue to FLAMECHAMP on my first generation Xbox 360. Game freezes on keep dungeon 2/3 with my wizard on nightmare. Seems to only happen when demonic tumors are in the vicinity. Other regions seem ok to me. Problem for now seems to of gone away by clearing my system cache and installing it to my hdd though it could also due to getting passed the area of trouble. No loss of data as my crashes never occurred during an auto save thankfully.

The issue was occurring when my game was played from disk.

Files are saved on the Xbox cloud server.

I was the primary account on the Xbox with no one else in my party. Game was open to public(though no1 joined). My account is a gold member.
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I seem to lose all equipped gear on any follower when the host leaves the game. Also, the followers revert to lvl 59. Xbox 360, saving on HD
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when u want offline mode u want problems with savead games :)

used to play when games had no autosave and u had to save your game from minute to minute so u dont loose progress.

No thx, Love PC version where my saves are on some random server on bnet :)


Do u se me streased up :) hahahahha
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09/10/2013 06:30 PMPosted by Veda
Moral of the story... even with console, the only viable character is still barb.

Absolutely not true though. But yes, Barbarian is still very popular.
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Platform: Ps3
Save Location: HDD
Ver: 1.0.1
Game mode: was not in game
Number of players/account types: 1 ME primary

COMPLETE DATA LOSS please help. lost Leoric signet Mempo Crazy Raven bow. and Buriza. I WAS SET! and my DH!

Happened Pressing Start at the game screen Console Just Shut off. Just woke up just rolled outta bed. Just hit start. and i started the system back up to get error 80010514/ Data is corrpted and may lost items chars / blah and yes EVERYTHING gone wants me to start new char.

Have saved data. it says i have a lvl 60 char in the title of save games.

Plus: just played for a few hours Achieved lvl 15 i Quit the game. and turned off my ps3 Came back from a dishes. to find that MY current progress did not save.
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PlayStation 3

Save Location:

Game Version:

Player Configuration:
Same-system multiplayer (local co-op game)

# of Players and Account Type of Each:
1x Primary User
1x Secondary User

Extent of Data Corruption:
Item Loss

Anything else that you think may be important information:
We had killed Maghda recently and were at a portal, I don't exactly remember where but it was a portal created for us to go back to the Hidden Camp in Act II. When we entered the portal it went to the load screen and hung. We waited a few minutes and it was clear it was not progressing. We powered off the PS3 and powered back on. Upon doing so the PS3 advised an improper shutdown and it wasnted to check the file system for corruption. I declined to allow the check.

We started the game back up. We were placed at the Hidden Camp, our quest progress had actually saved as it was right when we entered the portal however there were items, notably a legendary, that were no longer in our possession upon entering the Hidden Camp. Other than the item loss I am unable to see any other affect of the hang.
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System: PS3
Game Type: Same system multi-player
Game save type: HDD
Version: I downloaded an update at the same time that I downloaded my Infernal Helm. I downloaded the update on 9/7/2013.

My wife created the game with her account and I joined with my own account that exists on the same console.

My wife and I had just killed Belial and I'd picked up a pretty nice low level rare ring with dex, CC, Attack speed, and a socket on it. We had run the gauntlet back to the town proper and had just encountered the cheering people when the entire system froze.

She was playing a wizard and I was playing a monk. the only effect that we had going at the time was my monk's Mantra of Evasion with the first rune. She might have been firing off hydras willy nilly, but I do not recall that happening. After restarting the entire system, we were back in the Hidden Camp and we had to travel back to the palace to retrieve Belial's soul for the black soulstone. All of our loot we'd collected from killing Belial, including my badass ring, were gone.
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Posts: 30
Auction house will eventually go on the console. They mentioned it at some point.
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My 2 person co-op game froze. Barb and WD act 3 normal, Keep Depths 2. Playing on XBox 360, shared screen, HDD saves, one gold account and one silver account. We didn't lose characters or items, nor did the files become corrupted. (Actually, we probably did lose a couple items, a little gold and a little XP but nothing important.)

But I wanted to throw this info out there because I noticed someone else mentioned freezing in KD2 on the 360. It's within the realm of possibility that if this happened to someone during a save operation it could lead to data corruption.

Why are you reporting this then? They want data on lost data you idiot.
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09/11/2013 10:21 AMPosted by ShadowOptik
Auction house will eventually go on the console. They mentioned it at some point.

No it won't.
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